Magni, Perseus or Glenda

hello folks,
as many of you I suffer from the lack of ascension materials. I’ve finally collected 6th telescope but have no idea which hero should get them. I know that Magni is obviously a strong and great hero. And yet I find Glenda and Perseus more interesting. What would you suggest?
See below my other heroes to have a wider perspective

I fully ascended Glenda as i plan to use her on 2 different ways:

  1. 40% additional special buff for my 3 hitters and she also hits hard.
  2. Fits perfect for my blue team and can supply some additional protection.

In your case she fits very nice next to Mitsuko but you have 2 slow healers on your team and Glenda’s buff to snipers is minimal. So looking at your team yeah buffing Mitsuko’s damage is nice but a harder punisher like Magni can do better for your overall team setup imo.

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Don’t have Glenda or perseus, but magni packs a nice hard bang. Who can you get more emblems on?

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First, level Richard’s costume on emblemed Richard. Then you can use Magni as hard hitter or Glenda to buff Richard. If you will get Magni’s costume, then Magni first. If not, and you have lvl 23 and lvl 5 blue mana troops - Glenda. Otherwise Magni.


What Rilian said.

Perseus is not worth ascending.

Magni is solid Season 1 and becomes incredible with costume but…Glenda is more dynamic less punch. So, synergy is key.

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