Magni or Vela

  • Magni
  • Vela

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Which hero first to ascend?
My defence team Caedmon +6, Sabina +12, Isarnia +3, BT +11, G.Jackal +11.
Don’t have 5* anymore. My priority wars and titan. Maybe more titan.

Vela is the superior Titan Hero. Magni is probably the better offensive hero. Both are roughly the same on defence. I would vote Magni for wars but if you want more titan damage then Vela is the clear choice.

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I voted for Magni since you have Isarnia as a AOE blue. I think Magni will be more beneficial to you.

I stopped in to see opinions. I don’t know …

In my honest opinion, I would max Magni.
Good luck

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