Magni or misandra flanking telluria

Ok so my wife has joon/bk/telluria/magni or misandra/sartana

Who should she use to flank telluria?
Magni or misandra?
Magni is 3/70 ready to be ascended while misandra is 80+5.
Should she use that ascension material on magni or wait for something more diverse?
Thanks ahead

Personally magni, as he hits strong and pushes def up. Yes he is a glass cannon.

Misandra is awesome if she fires 3 or 4 hits in a row because that pushes your mana of all heroes.

But I think its too much of gambling there. If misandra fires only once, her damage is “meeeh!”

There can be other opinions too, that it is useful to have defs that depend on luck, like the oldschool Alberich, mother north defenses, but my choice would be magni :relieved:


In my honest opinion, I would use the mats to max Magni.
And while you do that use Misandra in flank to see how things go.
Switch with Magni when he is ready and then compare the results
Good luck


Thanks a lot to the both of u.

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I’d go with Misandra any day. Magni does hit hard, but is way too glassy if you have a good, fast alternative, which you do. Don’t waste any ascension materials on Magni, unless you have his yet to be released costume.

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