Magni or Isarnia AND Tiburtus or Sartana

Long-time reader, first-time poster. Thought I’d go for a double ‘This or That hero’ question :slight_smile: I’ve read lots of the previous comparison posts and am leaning towards Magni and Tiburtus, but the composition of every team is different, so am really keen on your thoughts.

After a long time being stuck with the one five star hero: Joon (currently at 3.70, while I wait for more Poison Darts to turn up), I’ve managed to grab a few 5 *s lately. Telluria, I’ve had for a few weeks who’s at 3.41; two weeks ago Sartana turned up; yesterday I managed a costumed Elena; and today with a 10 summon, managed Isarnia and Magni. Also got a costumed Tiburtus yesterday.

I don’t have much depth in my four stars. Standard rainbow team is as follows, which I used for pretty much every aspect of the game
Grim at 4.70
Scarlett at 4.70
Cyprian at 4.70 as my tank
Joon at 3.70
Skittleskull at 3.70 (soon to be replaced by Telluria)

I have one other Blue over 3* (a Kiril I picked up in my 10-summon today)
The only other Purple over 3* is a Sabina at 3.70

Big decisions now are:
Do I level Tiburtus over Sartana?
Do I level Magni over Isarnia?

I like all aspects of the game, probably favouring raids if I had to pick a favourite. Don’t really care about raid defense, I currently sit in the bottom rungs of platinum and happy there until I improve the depth of my roster.

I would do Tiburtus over Sartana, simply because it will be faster to max Tibs (as a 4*) over Sartana (as a 5*). Get Tiburtus to 3/60, then when you get the trap tools, ascend Sabina, then ascend Tiburtus, then save Sartana for last. (I chose Sabina, because you don’t have a maxed healer yet; whereas you have Grimm, who does what Tibs does).

Similarly, I would do Kiril first over either Isarnia or Magni. Same reasoning. And you don’t have a maxed healer yet (well, Telluria is on the way, but it looks like she will be stuck at 3/70 for a while?) Kiril’s double attack/defense buffs are extremely useful, he doesn’t heal as much in % terms but the added defense helps your team survive longer.

After Kiril… it’s a tough call between Magni and Isarnia. Grimm and Tibs also reduce defense like Isarnia, but Joon and Sartana are also snipers like Magni.

I’m leaning towards Isarnia, if you can keep her alive in Raids until she fires, you will murder the enemy. Yes, you already have Grimm, but you could fire Grimm first to weaken the enemy for Isarnia’s hit. and Kiril could cover for Magni’s defense buff.


Thanks for the detailed reply, @sleepyhead, I hadn’t even considered going with Kiril as my next blue. I think you’re right in that Telluria will be stuck at 3/70 for a while: I don’t have many shields (2) but I have plenty of capes (8), so no problem ascending Kiril. Good call.

After that though, that slow speed of Isarnia puts me off. I haven’t looked up her stats at 3/70, let alone 4/80, so hopefully I can keep her alive long enough to fire.

Glad you recommended Tibs. Even though he does what Grimm does, I don’t have a decent purple hitter and he’ll do the job nicely I reckon.

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happy to help! do you color stack in Raids? Magni, Grimm and Kiril could be an interesting combo.

i don’t have Magni, but i do have Isarnia stuck at 3/70 -

and the slow mana and frailty also worry me :slight_smile: but she’s great as she is on Titans.

and Tibs is indeed a decent Purple hitter. he’s my only fully leveled one besides Seshat, and I rely on him a lot in 4* raid tourneys and the like

Long term, Isarnia will see more use than Magni. She’s an upgrade over Grimm against Titans where mana potions can fix the mana speed. Here’s the stats for both at max.

I would definitely max Kiril and Tiburtus before touching any 5s. A solid base of maxed quality 4s is the core of most rosters

Yeah, I do colour stack in raids, but only green. I’ve got an underleveled Brynhild who I add with Telluria and Skittle. Bryn keeps Telluria alive long enough to fire, who in turn keeps Skittle alive long enough.

I’ve only recently started stacking, thanks to the good people on this very forum, and it’s been working really well most of the time. I’d love to get to the point of having a Grimm, Kiril, Magni combo.

Those Isarnia stats look pretty damn good at 3/70. Loving the look of that -44% defense. :slight_smile:

Nice one @Leonidas1, saves me having to look them up.

And nice to hear a second vote for Kiril - I’ve just started levelling him.

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I know excitement of seeing 5*s in your roster, expectations of bringing them up. However, if I understood you correctly, you don’t play long.

Based on this your roster consists of 3* mostly. So, I’d cool down a bit, put 5* aside and focus on 4* heroes. Maxed Kiril and Sabina will give you much more value in a nearest future than half baked Magni or Sartana.

Thanks, and yeah, it’s exciting getting a few 5 stars but I’ll certainly take the advice of more experienced players and go the safer route of leveling the four stars

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