Magni or Grimm?


So, I just pulled a Magni off the Gaurdians event. Pretty great, not panther but whatever. I’m relatively new to E&P but I’ve learned ascension materials are the bottleneck of the game already. In a huge way.

Realistically speaking even if I grind, hit titians, war, chests, etc (and more than likely purchase) for materials I forsee either maxing Grimm (4/70) or almost maxing Magni (3/70) before I’m waiting a very very long time…

So my question is which is worth pursuing? I’ve basically got my four star rainbow team and I’m working on getting better options and more heroes ready for war…

Do I put it all into Magni and hope for the best or level Grimm and settle/move on?


I got Grimm from the early beginning and he is really a good tank with skill to weaken the enemy. i just got Magni from TC20 yesterday and have no experiance with him.
Generally many members recommend to have a fully leveled 4* instead of a a 5* 3rd tier…nevertheless Magni is one of the rare 5* fast mana hitters so I decided to Level him up…


Magni is very good hero but Grimm’s lowering of defense is essential for good titan damage and also make him a strong attack hero.

I would level up Grimm first but I would not “settle and move on” and leave Magni. Just do him after Grimm and in the mean time you will get more items to level up Magni. Both a 4/70 Grimm and a 3/70 Magni will serve you well in war. And if you enjoy the game and stay around you will get the items you need to take Magni all the way without paying for them.

Assuming you don’t have a full set of 30 heros for war a 3/60 Grimm and 2/60 Magni will also be useable in war.


I use Grimm in my base team (I had Sonya before) and he works pretty good with titans and raid offense, but not for defense because his armor is quite low.

Magni on the other hand does a lot more damage and charges faster, but on 3/70 his armor is even lower.
I have Magni at 3/70 but I will not use him before I am able to ascend him further. (need 1 more scope)
Even at 80 Magni’s defense is still quite low, but lot of HP and his special will drastically raise his defense.

But since you don’t have materials to Ascend Magni, and you do need one of the three “Ramming Pulverizer” heros for titans, I would go for Grimm first.


I think in this particular case, Magni. Sometimes it is better to max a 4* first but some of the 5*, mostly the snipers, can serve very well even at 3/70. My Joon was at 3/70 for many months before I got all the darts, and I used him with great success. Plus he’s fast and deals solid damage and gives defense. I’d do Magni first, then Grimm.


100% Grimm. He is worth waaay more than Magni on 3/70 for nearly every case. But especially titan and epic event. Go with Grimm you won‘t regret it.


I have to agree with those stating work on Grimm first. I have both fully leveled, and I also for the longest time had a 3/70 Magni and a fully ascended Grimm, and at that point I have to say Grimm was a bit more valuable. That’s no longer the case now that Magni is maxed. Besides, you could probably have Grimm fully leveled before this month is up. You can’t say the same about Magni though. Get Grimm maxed, then work on taking Magni to 3/70 so you don’t have so far too go once you finally get all the mats needed to take him the rest of the way.


Grimm and it’s a no brainer. I was in a similar situation and got both fairly early and used my first 4 capes on Grimm and never looked back. I finally after months got all the mats I need for Magni, but will still use Grimm a ton even with Magni maxxed.


Grimm for sure. it will take you months to get 6 scopes:-) I


oh don’t I know this with Isarnia.

Although my Grimm was maxed well before I got her. Grimm is pretty awesome though. Just gotta protect him a bit.

Now I have 3 more Grimms :smile:


No doubt,… Take Grimm first, for the reasons already mentioned…


I have both of them. I love both of them. I maxed Grimm first and never regretted it. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!! It helps a lot to hear your experiences and suggestions :slight_smile: