Magni or Azlar final tier?

My current 5* are Sartana and Joon maxxed and Zeline recently ascended to final tier and I got another Tome today. Should I use it on Azlar or Magni? Melendor is my healer and Melendor, Kiril, Joon Sartana and 3/70 Zeline has been my defense team. On offense I typically run Joon/Jackal/Melendor on every raid with Sartana, Kiril, Magni (3/70), Merlin and Cabin Boy mixed in depending on the colors I need to stack. My other blue is Grimm. My reds are BoldTusk and Falcon but they are too low attack for my liking for burst damage. I do have enough hidden blades for Scarlett and will max her if I decide against Azlar.

Interesting case. I’d normally say that Magni is hands down the better choice. However, you already have 2 of the best snipers in the game - Sartana and Joon - and have Kiril but not Boldtusk for healers. Therefore I’d ascend Azlar first and Magni immediately after so give you the best rainbow team possible at the moment.

I side with Magni. It does mean three snipers, but they are all fast. And Magni has splash damage that will drop defenses. Azlar has same basis stats as Magni, but his special which is deadly is deadly over 6 turns and can be dispelled

I actually disagree. Azlar takes a decent beating and on a raid defense team where players can’t use antidotes his special will kill pretty much anything. Keeping him in a corner protected with Mana troops or near a character that increases Mana generation will almost ensure his special firing. On top of that, there are a lot of people using red tanks in War, and it doesn’t get much better than Azlar in that category

I’ve got to agree with you on Azlar. When I face a defense with Magni positioned beside the tank, I might lose one card to a well timed special. I’ve experienced facing Azlar in the same spot, & when he fires, two or three heroes are obliterated. The DoT is hardly needed.

When I see Magni, I bring Zeline; if Azlar is present, Rigard joins the squad. If somebody has both of them, I’ll use Zeline & Rigard, double stack vs. the tank & add BT. Then offer a chicken wings sacrifice to the RNG gods.

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Pretty much the same, mate. If I was going to be concerned about a cookable blue hero on a defense team it would be Richard. Dude’s got some of the highest armor in the game and does to your heroes what Zeline does, except only to three of them and not your entire roster. Definitely go with Azlar.

Thanks! Until the green quest gave me the final tonic for Zeline, I was leaning Magni but going back and forth, but now that Z is on final tier, I think I agree that it pushes Azlar to the top.

Should I use Melendor or Kiril for healing on D team ? I’m leaning Melendor and going double green with 2 buff removers.

While both Kiril and Melendor can be a viable choice for your defence team. They have different healing
abilities that come with their ownn perks. Of course you can make a case for
using any of them. But I would strongly recommend you to use Kiril, and here’s why:
1.His defence and hit points makes him way superior to Melendor, which usually dies
from too many one shots.As for Kiril, at 4/70 he’ll never die from one shot, not even Lianna’s.
2.He can easily debuff Zeline, Richard or any other hero that reduces the attack
3.The 30% defence bonus guarantees a longer survival of the whole team, this way he
gives another chance for your heroes to charge their specials.
While Melendor has a nice tile damage, 42% heal + debuff, I can’t make a good case for him in defence.

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