Magni or Athena?

I know, another thread about which hero to ascend. I tried to search for this one, and didn’t find anything. I know they play significantly different roles in a team and are therefore a bit hard to compare, but essentially, what I’m wondering is which one of the two will benefit most from the 80 extra levels at the 4th ascension level.

I plan on using both pretty extensively, and although my titan team is fairly strong already, I know Athena will be of great help, but am not sure about how much the 4th ascension stripe helps as her special does most of the work. My alliance is currently fighting 8* to 10* titans, so they very rarely can one shot my heroes.


Go for Athena - she’s great in all event. Especially Titan if your main intention is to on Titan.
Reducing Defense is very important hitting against Titan.
Good luck on both! Level Athena first then 2nd Magni. :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s pretty much what I was thinking of doing, but I also had the idea that magni’s tile and special damage would benefit a lot from the extra ascension, and maybe Athena would be fine at 3/70 in the meantime, but maybe Athena is just that good that it doesn’t matter all that much.

I will definitely max out both eventually, but scopes sure are hard to come by!

Sure thing. Hope this help you choose your decision.
Yes scopes are hard to come by but having Athena is even harder to come!
You have the luck to get both 5* heroes that’s consider maxing out asap.
I would definitely lvl Athena max asap. :slight_smile:

Athena without a doubt.
I don’t remember if her special is the same on 3-70 and 4-80, but whatever is the case you find yourself using her almost everywhere, and it is much more useful having her at max for all her stats.

I saw a thread that measured how much of that last ascension was wasted. Came up with the theory you could leave the hero at like 4^50 and be fine. Poster figured using assets above that was a waste.

Not sure, but it has me starting a second or third 5* ascending once the first gets above 4^40 as any bump after that is minimal.

I just got Victor to 4^25 and, after letting him sit for months, I am pushing Leo into third ascesion level and starting Aegir from scratch. Victor is good with this.

I would level Athena too, but please notice that magni is not useful at 3/70, while she might be if you’re lucky to not having the titan slap her from start. Both have their qualities, she is not SO SUPERIOR to Magni in general, as in defense for example.
Think well about what you need first

Just a question on Athena…how good is she in a defense team?

Not having Athena after spending my planned budget, or a Magni leveled enough for defense yet, as a raider I’d rather attack a team with a levelled Athena than a similar full-strength Magni. Just my 2 cents.

Have you got a maxed Grimm? The effect specials are similar (def down) and that might help you decide to go with the Magni the sniper who adds def.

I have a Grimm that is at level 60. Still haven’t used acsencion mats to max him, but will eventually.

If you have 5-6x scopes and 8x+ capes, then ascend Athena directly.

If you have 0-4x scopes and 4x+ capes, ascend Grim first.

You will want Athena maxed for sure, just to be clear. Its only a question of who to ascend first.

Athena >> Magni for sure.

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