Magni or Athena? Who gets my scopes?

Started a similar thread and learned a ton, so…

Who is better Magni or Athena in an overall rainbow team of:


I like Magni a lot, but Athena even more. Athena.

I have Magni and I am very happy with him, but I would tend to Athena. She will be more useful for titans and I could imagine, that a Khiona - Athena combination, would be absolutely deadly for your enemies in Raids and events.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input!

I used to be really heavy into Castle Clash, but the heroes were so imbalanced, you had to have certain heroes to even have a chance. This game seems to offer more variety in team possibilities.

Level this team in this order, distributing high level mats accordingly.

  1. Athena
  2. Khiona
  3. Joon
  4. Albie
  5. Magni
  6. Marjana

EDIT I misread and posted an ascension order. i’ll keep it.

But Athena, always Athena.

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Magni is an amazing spiker. Magni is in the groop of excellent TC20 spikers along with, Lianna, Marjana, Joon, & Sartana.

Since you already have two of these heroes on your team I would go with Athena

Athena. Athena over any other hero in the game.

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Not sure I would go that far…but yes Athena is really, really nice.

Athena, she’s average mana but much more destructive.

If you were considering the heroes as individuals, Magni is better I think. But this is a game using whole teams of heroes, not usually singletons. Athena may seem the lesser when considered on her own, but her well timed special is a big force multiplier for the rest of the team. If I had her, she would be my priority.

@DJQuixo You took the words right out of my mouth :heart:

When its Athena vs anyone else, Athena
Okay, Magni’s probably better for defensive purposes, but still…


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I have the same problem …I am wondering which hero to level up and ascend -magni or athena.I have Wilbur, Wu , Kunchen ,Lianna(and other heroes).I think in my situation magni will be better , because on titans i use wilbur and wu(and Magni have higher attack status).On war/raid defense Magni will be a lot better if it stay behind kunchen(Athena and Kunchen have both def debuff so they will interrupt each other skills, but magni will boost the Kunchen defense).Lianna and Athena use equal emblems so that will be a problem too.I am not sure only on raid/war offensive which of both will be better.Please tell me your opinion , thanks .

consider Athena as *5 version of Grimm

For Offensive and Titan Athena is better , but for Defensive i prefer Magni , he give more threat than Athena.

Personally i will do Magni first due on Fast Mana

In this case, Magni would be more useful because you’ve already got 2 heroes providing defense debuffs. You need strong hitters to drop opponents.

Athena at 3/60 can still do her job on a secondary team in wars and against titans (up to a point where she’s hard to keep alive).

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