Magni or Arthur

Hey all! I need your informed opinions.

I am 4 telescope from leveling Arthur (3/70) just got magni in tc 20, and started to level Triton. Now, do I keep leveling triton or magni. And to whom goes the telescope’s when I get them.

To know … I was planning on leveling proteus, gadeirus and triton in hope to maybe try an Atlantis defences.

Right now my raid def lineup is (all between 11 and 15 emblems ) caedmon , kiril, cyprian, boldtusk and Grimm. I got 4 reset that I may use. I don’t have many 5* none leveled beyond 3/70.
Azog, Arthur, magni and Obakan

If this is your first Triton, then keep leveling him. He’s a solid sniper for his star rank, since you are waiting for telescopes you may as well make your 4* bench stronger.

Magni is great but so is Arthur, so it’s a tough choice here on who to ascend once you get all 6 telescopes.

If I was in your shoes, I’d finish Arthur first just to “finish what you started”, his elemental defense down is a rare ailment to find and very useful to have when stacking blue.

Plenty of time to max Triton while you wait for more telescopes. You’ll want both for sure but I think Arthur is more valuable to max first because of his elemental def down. Stack that with Grimm on a red titan and you’re going to hit for big damage.

I would say Triton Magni Arthur in that order. Triton will be maxed faster than the others so he’s first. I went Magni ahead of Arthur because Magni’s better on D

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