Magni or Alice

Who is better for the defense team at the wing position, I think Alice would be better, but the guide says Magni is rank A on defense and Alice is rank B. what do you think?

Alice. Does slightly less dmg when she Snipes but also places atk down on target (which resets on heals). Has better def stat so more sturdier IMO. Magni on other hand needs help from his special to get def up. Classic glass canon most will try to kill before setting him off.

I don’t trust that grading guide, mainly because grades haven’t been adjusted based on newly added heroes. They are at risk of going stale given the amount of power creep new heroes have. But since it’s volunteer based guide, not a lot of motivation in keeping them up to date IMO


I overall like more Magni, but it’s a close call.
Both heroes are fast and hit hard, and both have very good classes for defence.
But Magni’s shield on 3 is overall more defensive of a single attack reduction.

You don’t go particulary wrong no matter your choice, but you should pick taking in consideration your other heroes and classes.

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I would choose Alice over any other blue in this game. Because she’s a rogue. A talented rogue wing may be purely nightmare. Every time when you plan the defense, the priority should be the hero class. For example, if you were lucky enough to pull Kingston, Magni is out, there is nothing to discuss here. The defense I have in mind is ranger/monk/paladin/fighter/rogue. And what rogue is better than Alice? :slight_smile:


Now Alice or costumed Magni, that would be a question :smiley:

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I have both maxed and prefer costume magni - defense down to three on fast speed is huge on raids… only downside on him is he consumes fighter emblems for being a Druid. Alice is rogue, rogue sniper is always good. Both are great, but I would take magni first …

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