Magni costume wouldn’t die

I just had a raid against player 6zgredek9, and his Magni costume was with 1hp. I tried for several turns to kill him using tiles of missing heroes (which I always do against 1hp heroes) but he didn’t die. The tiles hitting him visually showed ‘1 missing hero’, but didn’t do any damage. It never happened to me before, so I don’t know if it’s a one time thing or not.

Try replicating the said event again and hopefully, you can post screenshot or a video clip of that happening.

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If it was Magni with costume bonus only, then it’s possible that he kept reviving due to his fighter talent. It happens quite often.


But Magni haven’t 100% chance to reviving

Magni costume is a druid so he can’t revive. You need screenshot or video to report a bug.

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Had you fired wu or Ranvir.

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Did he have one of his talent minions up?

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