Magni avatar

I need to know where is the magni avatar please? Post the picture of magni avatar?

He’s a standard free avatar


There is a grimm avatar next to gunnar and sartana


Magni is the one next to zudak with a yellow box around it.


The avatars have vlad, emperor moth, domitia, yunan, friar tuck, renfeld/renfield, squire wabbit, zudak, magni, gunnar, grimm, sartana, graymane/werewolf, vampire mistress, ratman brute, skittleskull, needler, wilderfrost scout, nashgar, brienne, joon. balthazar, sha ji, and hu tao!

Just checking I understand correctly, you wanted to know where the Magni avatar is?


You just listed Magni among your avatars, so you have it. You don’t know how to set at your profile Magni avatar?

Maybe he want to make avatar profile in forum, not in game.
Here is I create (croping) Magni picture, you can save it and set as your profile pic in Forum.
(Warning) Make sure you have Magni in your roster.

Here is the pic




Does anyone else feel like this is an episode of Abbott and Costello?

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Here you go, Magni from God of War :wink:


I would post the magni from mythwars who is a green 2* but this thread is confusing enough ROFL

If you check this guy activity, you’ll find all his posts are kinda trolling. The joining date and the first 2 posts on this forum reminds me of @fastgoat, who had a similar style and ultimately was forbidden in here due to his spamming and trolling. Last autumn tried to come back with a new account, but I figured out was him and the moderators kill that account too.

Perhaps is a different person, but I cannot shake myself of that familiar feeling :slight_smile:


I never saw an Abbott and Costello episode, but I think I perfectly understand the whole show after reading this :joy::joy::joy:

This thread should be closed now. It seems I was right. Until the next time :rofl:

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