Magni art is really sad

This is probably stupid, but it bugs the heck out of me. Magni is a cool hero. Very useful, very powerful. But his art is a disaster…

Just look at that cape! What is up with his shield? How big are his boots? Really?

The art has been really good recently. I totally appreciate the work you devs have been doing. Every new feature has been fun and I look forward to the next. But I’m sure some of your art team has a little bit of time to fix this… I hope…

He looks like something a 12 year old would do with Poser and a less than good understanding of Photoshop.

I am really close to taking him to 4th ascension. Please fix? Make me feel better about leveling him. Please?

FYI: I love Areon’s Art!

He could be a little more… something. Not an artist myself, so I can’t really say what, other than he seems simplistic maybe?

Note: I corrected the thread title.

Edit: Part of it may be that simply drawn areas of his picture that were previously covered by the card borders are now visible in larger scale in the character view, revealing the lack of detail…

Thanks Paulon!

Thanks to 20 characters

Not an artist also, but look at the pink of his cape under the shield. Compare him with any of the other heroes 1-5 stars.

Meh, been drinking and I am definitely not up to writing a useful post to help new players. This is my favorite “little hill” to fight on. ; )

By the way, have you noticed that Kiril’s boots are different. I love this.

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I’d never noticed that. Looks like he’s left handed, but maybe right footed so he has a spiked boot to kick people?

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I think it’s used to kick open a hole in the booze barrels to stick a tap into. :smile:


Some heroes’ art are really…weird. I think it’s because only recently we have an option to see the art in full. It was just waist-up before (the image appearing on the card). This is mostly common with boots/legs. Although King Arthur’s beard look a little bit weird too. One part of the braid-thingy seems to come out of his neck and not his chin :smiley:

Agree on Magni, and if i may ask something for myself…


Get rid of that fat-looking wrinkle.
She is amazing, and thats annoying me.

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Elpis. With all due respect: PFFFFFFT!

Anything that makes them more human (or more elven or dwarfish or…) is a plus. Little flaws are interesting, perfect plastic dolls are not.


Not for me :face_with_monocle:
C’mon if i want to see that i just wait for summer.

Yeah, a bunch of the older heroes could use some lifting. A bunch of people also brought up some others here:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve always thought the same thing…It’s just sad…I think we should get a Magni 2.0

These are my personal favorites, the overall design and art direction is simply amazing:

This however, bothers me to no end…Can someone give Azlar some nail clippers…
My gawd ! Whaaat is THAT !!! :scream::scream:


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Oooh, yeah! Good calls. I only have Azlar, but I never looked at his or the others art. 100% agree. They are really good!

The Little Rock’s floating around Justice is really cool. Great art design.

I really also like Alberich an Areon. Very Manga/Anime.

I like the Magni art 2.0 concept. His current art needs to just be dropped and replaced. I’m assuming he is some sort of mer-man. I like the design in concept, but the execution is embarrassing.

I always loved Justice’s art. Probably my favorite in this game :scream_cat:

Magni’s face also makes him look quite derpy and incompetent. Just something about it doesn’t work for me.

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Derp! I’m Magni! My head is tiny, but my hat can be used as a plow! Derp! I like water, but my boots are huge and make me swim slow… Derp! I’m a 5* Blue! Woot for me! I am here to defend you with my shield thingy. I like kittens, do you?


Lol. I never looks at his face and now I can’t unsee it. Ha!

Didn’t have more time than a tea break, but I really wanted to see if I can underp him a bit, for shits and giggles :stuck_out_tongue:

And also because I rolled him today! Right when I was getting ready to come to the forums and make a “100 TC20 rolls and a pile of :poop: pity-me” topic :rofl:


Haha! This is my new favourite animation!

I thought maybe you’d like this one then. Will go better with some tunes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Ellilea, oh, I love it! Both versions. :heart_eyes:
Congratulations, he is a great hero!
@Blaaarggle_Blaa, and the idea is great, the image of Magni really needs some improvement. He is my first 5* and I want him to look better.

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