Magical Exiles - just created alliance of actives looking for up to 13

We separated from a bunch of barely actives so that we could try to find another active alliance to join with. We are not money people so the rise is slower but we were on 7star titans. Min 800 trophies (mostly so that you can participate without getting eaten by the Titan).

option: merge your active alliance members. We have 10 that have 2000+ trophies.
Feel free to comment here if you have questions.

Thanks for looking and hopefully we see you soon
(primarily North American)


We have 15 active players, we use line to communicate looking to have an alliance merge with us and become a top alliance

Our alliance is valerian blades

Hi Scrappy, talked to the group and we are definitely interested. The only challenge is the numbers. We are now 17 and you are 15. Im loyal (maybe to a fault) and am not willing to boot anyone. Lets see how the next few days work out and if we can get the numbers down by 2. Thanks.

Do you have line to chat with my leader and iron out details

I do now, never used it before. Name im under in Line is the same as here. will your leader add me?

My leader tried contacting you through line yesterday