Magic Speed on Defense

Guys I’ve looked but really can’t find anything talking specifically about this.

I was wondering if anyone can explain to me ao the AI behaves with magic Speed on Defense?
Cause I’ve seen 90% hp Milena do her 1x ability and 10% Milena do her 2x. Is it random, or is there some sort of pattern?

Thanks you

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It’s just like ninjas. Random tier chosen, unless they are low on health…then they’ll fire at whatever charge they are at.

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This was reported at some point as a bug as well.

I do agree that AI for Magic Speed heroes could use a bit of recalibration. With Ninjas it feels they are able to figure out when to fire for the best result; Magic heroes seem to fire their 1st charge unnecessarily most of the time, which really limits their usability on defense (as opposed to Ninjas).

I wouldn’t get my hopes up though. I don’t think they ever made a change this big.

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Those heroes are broken so this is a good if the IA is dumb.