Magic of orb- Where find?

Best place to get this thing

Give me an example of 1* entire team I am lost

Wit and mayhem are not mutually exclusive necessarily, but you …

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The orb was available in the Shiloh rare quest.

Watch the quests. The rare ones all have rare ascencion materials as loot.


Chests, titans, vision, war, and rare quests/event. You cannot farm them, so you just have to as much of do all the above as you can and hope :slight_smile:


There is no “right or wrong” way to get an ascencion item like a magic orb. As Evilsmoothie has said, you can find them randomly in:

  • Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision
  • War loot

Really @Rook… these items are available from WAR LOOT !!!. Have you seen the war loot? Assuming you can win a war with all the scoring bugs around at the moment… WAR LOOT!!! what a bad joke.


Yes. I actually got one in our third war. First time. Last time. But yes, it’s possible. :wink:


I am playing everything but still hav not seen a orb or a compass. This is not helping me enjoy the game. I want to be able to ascend my heroes and continue to improve.

I just got one today from a titan. It was an 8* titan and I got a B (someone else can tell you what loot tier that is - I think IX but not confident). I also got one recently for completing the Avalon event. Don’t recall if it was epic or legendary as I completed both. They are out there. I remember Shiloh event wasn’t that long ago either. Other people track these things better than I do but I must have gotten three in say the last two months, maybe closer to 1.5 months.

What level titan are you fighting. If you’re fighting lower leveled titans, you are less likely to get ascension materials. My guess is you either need to be a bit more patient and grow stronger so you can fight stronger titans or you need to look for an alliance that is stronger and facing higher leveled titans.

That’s just a guess, I could be totally wrong.

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How can you grow stronger if you cannot ascend your heroes?

Wait and be patient.

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