Magic Night and Bleed

While using a talented Grimm on a Magic Night stage, he procced Wound on a monster from some blue tiles. I noticed that the effect did not go away like others did. The text for the Magic Night stage states, “…All status effects cast by Heroes only last for 1 turn…” I observed that the bleed effect lasted for the full five turn duration. I understand that the Wound is caused by tile damage rather than a Hero’s special attack, but it is still directly tied to the presence of a talented Barbarian being in my lineup.

The bleed effect caused by Wound is a status effect, so I expected it to last for only one turn. I suspect that Delay may have the same behavior, though it would be less noticeable since the duration is only two turns, and the tile damage that caused the effect would count as the first turn.

I also wonder how this would play out against Mitsuko if she had her Mirror of Flames active. Would the Wound from a blue Barbarian sneak through, or would it be reflected to the source of that effect?

Emphasis is on the word “CAST”

Hero Talents don’t seem to be regarded as being cast as they aren’t a result of a Special Skill.

A similar thing was identified/ noted with the the paladin talent here:

RE mitsuko, I think yes it would go thru. Because it’s not an effect from a special skill… Which Mitsuko specifically states.


I agree.

Seems similar to the silence status effect.

Heroes seem to cast special skills,
Proc talents,
Use items.

([KNOWN ISSUE 15.2] S2 Magic Night - status effects disappear after 1 turn (description missing))

@JonahTheBard potential terms for the J-P Fictionary? At least Cast, and perhaps Silence, too.


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