Magi or Freida? Who's Better?!

I have both Magni & Freida, who is the best choice to level & use? TYVM…


I wouldn’t say that either is specifically better. both fill very different roles tho.

Frida is mainly an Elemental Debuff Hero & General Dispell (3) with a side serving of damage.

Magni on the other hand is primarily a damage hero with a small side defence buff.

Of the two, Frida can (and does) function just fine at 3-70… Magni on the other hand gains a lot more versatility & does wayyyy more damage when maxed (4-80) compared to being left at 3-70

If it were me, I would ascend magni first & keep Frida at 3-70 as she’s fully useful at that level still :slight_smile:


Frida is a must level hero for titans and also to stack with other blue heroes. Not as urgent before you have a few maxed blues (grimm, kiril, Triton, blue 5*).
Also as @Guvnor said, she’s pretty durable at 3/70.

Magni will be more effective in your defense and also as a sniper for raids, like other snipers, not very useful at 3/70.


Thankyou so much for helping me with my decision. :upside_down_face:

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I faced a similar conundrum between giving tonics to Evelyn and to Lianna.

I went with Lianna for the exact same reason as stated by @Guvnor

You need a sniper to be at maximum level to deliver his best shots, while Dispellers and Debuffers just need to survive enough to do their job.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


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I personally would go with Magni before Frida especially if you have his new costume
Good luck

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