Made summon, received the hero of the month, but did not find him in his list of heroes. (screenshot)

Yesterday I made a call for 2600 jams. got a trash 3 *, but in the end a picture appeared that I received the hero of the month. I made a screenshot to show my friends. But in my list of heroes, I did not find the hero. Perhaps the reason was that I had a complete repository of heroes? Wrote in support, but received no reply from them.

ALL, you will get a response from support, but it will likely take a few business days at least. Response time for support depends on how many requests they have at the time.

When this gets fixed please mark this post as resolved!

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Well, I’ll definitely note that everything is fixed. But at the moment I have not received any response

it self-resolved then?

Bonjour j’ai eu le même problème ça fait deux fois que je gagne des héros avec plusieurs étoiles mais ils n apparaissent pas dans ma team ! Aujourd’hui j’ai gagné un héros bleu assez fort et il n’y est pas. Veuillez me répondre rapidement car a cause de ce beug je n’arrive pas à progresser merci !

Bon je recommence, j’ai le même problème, çà fait 2 fois que je gagne des héros puissant et ils n apparaissent pas dans ma team !!! C’est énervant car à cause de ce beug j’ai énormement de mal à progresser par contre pour les héros 1 étoiles aucun beug. Aujourd’hui j’ai gagner un héros bleu de plusieurs étoiles j’étais contente et la pareil il n apparait pas. Et ça a eu lieu il n’y a même pas 5 minutes. Veuillez régler mon problème rapidement parce que la ça m’énerve vraiment. 1 2 fois mais Pas trois fois quand même. Merci d’avance pour votre réponses rapide !.

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Well I start again, I have the same problem, it does twice that I win powerful heroes and they do not appear in my team !!! It is annoying because because of this beug I have enormously difficult to progress by cons for the heroes 1 star no beug. Today I won a blue hero of several stars I was happy and the same it does not appear. And it took place not even 5 minutes. Please fix my problem quickly because it really annoys me. 1 2 times but not three times anyway. Thanks in advance for your quick answers !.

no, the problem is not solved. I did not get a response from the support

Apologies, I scanned your last message and … totally failed to understand english. :upside_down_face:


For this type of issue you will have to send a ticket to small giant support at:

As well, please note, that according to Forum Rules, we only allow English on the forum. The exception to this is the Foreign Language category.

As noted earlier, response time of support varies depending on how many requests they currently have, but it is likely to be at least a few business days.

@Alison, Est-ce que tu peux contacter le support? Je peux t’aider pour la traduction si tu en as besoin.

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my problem is still not solved. I did not even get any response from support. It’s very strange, considering that such problems are happening. there is a big question to the support service, but it turns out that there is no one to ask it, because there are no other contacts.