☀ Ma'at – Season 5 Hero – 5* Nature / Green : Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

That’s an E&P “fact” I never came across before.
Just read that theory for the first time.

Do you have examples for other heroes?


Kingston resembles that new Karate kid guy’s face to an extent.

Magni is def Benedict cumberbatch

Just pulled her. Very happy I got her, she will jump the line for leveling.


I mean, it seems to be the majority of the human character faces, though perhaps nearly all except story characters. Elena and Richard, for example, are excluded as they were cartoonishly-designed for the story.

But aside from those exceptions, Derric is Tom Cruise, Sharan is Mila Kunis, Layla is a great (and often-used) classic picture of Audrey Hepburn, Melendor is Ian McKellen as Gandalf (of course), Berden is Brian Thompson (perhaps most famously known as the alien bounty hunter from The X-Files), El Naddaha is Lena Headey, Joukahainen is Sonny Landham (Native badass “Billy” in both Predator and 48 Hrs), I believe Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, and Naomi Watts were used somewhere (don’t remember who), it’s just so many of them, the list would be long.

Most clearly use a face of someone real, you just have to find who. I stopped looking a long time ago, but most of the time I see it immediately if I know the celebrity. Ma’at just threw me, probably because of the coloring job. And they’re virtually all based on actual pictures you can find online, too. The base picture is rarely even very edited, they just change where the eyes are gazing sometimes, match the image with the body and background, and add clothing, accessories, and hair.

I KNEW there was a thread somewhere, and lo and behold, here it is! Check it out :smiley:


There we go, yeah. Thanks for linking that! :grinning:

That thread does have a more interpretive position, though; a lot of people sort of drawing “looks like” comparisons, not understanding that it’s most often literally just photographs that the artists are pulling into Photoshop and integrating into the image - there’s no interpretation necessary, you can usually just match the picture to a photograph online.

And all that to say nothing of how often they re-use faces, clothing, weapons, and accessories within their images, which is a whole lot. The whole Scarlett / Sigrunn / Nightshade 3-way mix-and-match thing, for example, a lot of that everywhere. That “C” emblem on everything (most often belt buckles), as another example.

Still wondering if anyone has an exact match better than Katherine Heigl for Ma’at though. Pretty sure it’s her, I just can’t find the exact photo, and they would have had to do a bit more editing than normal to make her look stereotypically “Egyptian”.

Just got her. Is she any good/still viable? Have 22 tonics and the waiting list is Xandrella, Hatter, Ma’at, c LotL and some worse heroes.

Do you have other DD cards that hit all. She is good as a support card. I will do Hatter and Xand. Both are useful in the current Meta. Maat’s damage is puny in comparison to other green damage dealers, but her fast DD and her passive makes an interesting case in her favor.

I have cc Leo who is as good as fast paired with Narcisa. Xandrella is almost 3/70 so I will do her first but I do have 22 tonics so will think about Ma’at for my green stack or 3-1-1. Wanted to see if she is still relevant and hurry to ascend her before she becomes obsolete

She is definitely still relevant IMO, I mean 50% of the time she does 265% to all so as a lot of people have said she’s like a Morel 2.0 because of the higher damage and better passive. Definitely more of a support hero as people have started re-embleming her from attack to defence but how useful she’ll be probably depends on how deep your roster is. I don’t think she’s as fun to use as some heroes like Xandrella and Hatter but she’s got a utility that will never be outdated :thinking: