\m/ Metal fans are looking for new members! \m/

You love Metal Music \m/ and you want to have an allaince with same music choice?
Our alliance “Fight For Metal” currently is looking for new metalheads to join. Just send your request, no trophies needed.
We are an international alliance so everybodies welcom as long you speak english…


Love it, already in a alliance but Metal for life!
Run a guild called Metal Mulisha in another game and were all metal fans. Good luck with your alliance! SLAYER!!:japanese_ogre:

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Love your sign: \m/ :wink:


Thanks for your comments :rofl:

We have again 2 free slots!!! Search "Fight For Metal " :smiling_imp:

Still free slots and we have an alliance War coming up in about 3 hours! Still time to join! Just search for “Fight For Metal”!!