🏰 Lysanor – 5* Ice / Blue from Clash of Knights

Egggjacteley my plan when Lysanor gets done…. :bangbang:

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She is better than Costume Heimdall, but not by all that much (massively so over his base, just like his costume), they’re both very good revivers, this is what she does more compared to Heimdall’s costume:

+5% revive chance
Up to +20% attack
And technically she heals for more, however, only because of the extra turn she gets, if they were 4:4 turns then Heimdall heals for a whole 14HP more.

She also has a better 2LB talent, and class.

A nice little upgrade, but not enough to discount Heimdall’s costume.


As someone who already has C Heimdall at 5^85 and pullede Lysanor this is actually a really helpful comparative to be aware of off the bat!

I was planning on levelling her anyway, because it can’t hurt to have a 2nd 5* reviver hero (yes, Heimdall is my only one thus far!). It’s good to know that they’re (relatively) equal to one another depending on the team comp!

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I made up my mind and Lysanor will be fully leveled before C Perseus and Quintin. I really need an upgrade for reviver

Heimdall will be my backup


She’ll be so much better. Heim barely revives

Absolutely, really between the two it just comes down to which colour better fits a reviver in your team, they’re both nearly on par with each other imo due to a couple of factors, I think the main upgrade with her over Heimdall tbh is her class, 5% extra revive chance and up to +20% more attack isn’t anything to be concerned about, at all - her extra turn of healing is nice, however, if the other team has a dispeller it’s just an extra turn that they can dispel.

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I meant to reply to norecesso. No need for the caps, dude

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Ah, you’re all good - the forums are really iffy with their reply button, sometimes it puts who you reply to and sometimes it doesn’t lol.

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cHeimdall is also a bit more vulnerable to a Red stack with Kravekrush, compared to Lysanor. But it’s not a big difference.

Not sure why you’d red stack a wing hero :confused:

I could just as easily green-stack Lysanor.

I also wouldn’t take either as my main healer.

Though what I will test is Heimdall C with Ukkonen tank, that could be interesting.

Certainly her odds are good for reviving a hero

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I didn’t discount Heimdall’s costume. He is great, i just said she is a little bit better. Her atk up goes higher, she heals for more and she has a higher revive rate. She is obviously better by a little. I was asking if she was the best because i only have regular costume heimdall. That is my only reviver and im not very familiar with other revivers.

Nope, it was Dabria, i never even looked at the other guy because he will never drop from that gross portal i refuse to summon in. I didn’t even know he was a reviver because i don’t even look at those characters, they make my wallet hurt.

We will be able to pick Dabria in Soul Exchange 2026

By then we will have a 6* star hero with 100% chance of reviving Allie’s with 200% boosted health and 100% mana bar full

In case anyone wants to see the hero in action:

She’s been amazing.

Glad to have a reviver that actually revives my other heroes

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Just got her in the black friday pull, second pull, looks great !

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As far as best reviver, I’m still partial to Charon, especially bc he gives a big amount of boosted health. I wish he was a cleanser too, but the would be really OP. He’s a charge hero, which I know people don’t like, but he is very effective. Even his first charge is sweet, and that’s only 6 tiles. Lysanor may take his spot in my heart, but as of now, I think Charon is tops. His family isn’t bad either!!!