Lycans Uprising! We Want You!

The Lycans Uprising Alliance is looking for some players to join us! We’re a moderate, fairly easy-breezy group that don’t require you to put in time for wars but wish for some participation for the titans we’ll come across!

We don’t have a limit on trophies and are even open to provide any supportive aid to new players who desire to learn the ropes, build their rosters, and understand the mechanics enough to progress through the Map and the events the game will throw at you!

As of the writing of this, we currently have 15 of the 30 cap. Player range from Lv. 28 to Lv. 74, and preferably an English-speaking guild. I’m open to answer any questions about the alliance that you may have!

In Summary:

  • Members: 15/30
  • Trophy Req.: 0
  • Titans: Required (at least 1 flag used)
  • War: Not Required (but opted-in, use ALL flags!)
  • Newbie-Friendly

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