Lvling muggy

My 3* muggy is fully lvld but still eats heros if I feed them and will not bring up a talent grid option…please help…ive uad him maxed for 2 weeks and still cant get him to show a talent grid option.

Is the skill at 8/8?

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Once a hero is at max level, they must ALSO have their special skill at max (level8). If Muggy is at 50, but doesn’t have a talent grid, try feeding him more, and you’ll see (an improved) chance to make the skill go up.

It’s almost never a problem for 4 and 5 star heroes - they have maxed specials before they reach top level - 3 star, I do see that myself sometimes.


Once a hero is leveled, feeder heroes are worth 4x the normal XP. Try feeding him 10 1* green feeders. You should get a 100% chance to increase his special. This also works with a mix of feeders. When selecting the feeders, watch the % amount at the top right of the card.

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After he’s at maximum level, the heroes you feed it are worth 5* as much toward upping the special. A 1* of the same color usally gives 2%, so it gives 10%, which means that 10 one-stars guarantee an increase. Similarly 5 2*s guarantee an increase. Another copy of Muggy also guarantees an increase.

Personally, I get the chance up to 40-50% and risk it…

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After failing two 90% chance to increase skill in the same day I always go for 100% on my failed 3-star heroes.


Feed him 10 green 1* heroes until his special level is 8/8.

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Feeders increase the Talent Grid probability of a max leveled hero as such (as long as feeders are of the same element):


One duplicate hero=Automatic 100%

Feeding off 4- and 5-star heroes for 40 and 50% increases to the Talent Grid respectively may not be worth the return on investment.

Thanks guys I thought once it is maxed an cant got farther. With a Hawkmon at 50 with level 6 i just fed her she is now level 7. YEH!!!

10 1* red heroes will guarantee lvl 8. Each 1* of the same color fed to a max hero who doesnt have a max special level gets a quadruple chance, so 10%. Feeding a single 2* = 20%

better than a year playing this game and I thought max was max OH so wrong.

It was a change they made a few months ago actually.

First bullet point under smaller fixes. Almost a year ago whoa hah.

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