Lvl17 on Global Ranking?

Can any one explain how this is possible?
The player lvl17 spending a quality time on Brazil Ranking and a few minutes on Global Ranking, this happenning sunday night, GMT-3.

The question who intrigues us; How did he get there?

Points I already investigate;

It’s not a fake screenshot because the Brazilian Community have multiples pictures from diferent times and diferent players.

It’s not about the money because the team cost before lvl30 you cant have a full 5* team on defense or attack.

It’s a bug, my third point who I cant investigate any further, that’s why I’m posting here and at suport as well.

If there’s any one here with knowledge this issue, I’ll love to hear about.
Thank you.

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Not saying that this is necessarily the case but it could perhaps be:

  1. Defence shown isn’t representative of the heroes they could actually field (A great example of this is when someone sets a “cup dropping” defence team)

  2. they could have spent $$$ and gotten lots of heroes which they use in offence

It does seem strange but… :man_shrugging:

Hi Guvnor!
It’s not a cup dropping, his defense never change and are keeping high cups at this moment, even his being offline.

At lvl 17 you barrely assemble a good team of 4*, how his beating all the Tellurias and good teams on Diamond Arena?

Crazy stuff this, LoL.


@Guvnor at level 17 I do not think it is possible to even have a single 4* maxed… no ham and no feeders, not even mats…
To me this is just a developer or something like that looking into possible bugs, so they can win or lose as they wish

Yes, maybe developer try to raid… if GTV is majority or not… :man_shrugging:
But if it is like that, it should be invisible/excluded from Ranking.

Developer from Brazil and local name? I dont think so.

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Interesting. It is so strange really

Somebody crazy enough, with virtually unlimited patience and founding, could, in theory, get into global at a very low player level, just enough to allow a decent team power. Everything can be bought given enough time and money. Unlimited draws at the legends, atlantis and valhalla portals will give you the heroes you need in one month. Also unlimited troop summonings will eventually get the needed troops. Also, it would provide the needed feeders to power level both heroes and troops. It would take longer to get the needed 4*AM’s, but, in time, those can also be bought or obtained in Atlantis bonus chests. Of course, the amount of money needed to pull this stunt off, would probably buy you a jet plane and a small tropical island along with it’s inhabitants…

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The said player is still no.1 on the trophy board in his alliance, so to satisfy your curiosity, I suggest joining his alliance to find out, he appeared to be on line right now.

This is strange though, and however the $$ spent, there is a level of grinding required to achieve and maintain such number of cups and that grinding goes beyond level 17.

No! No matter the money, you cant assemble a team of legendary heroes before level 30 because the “Team Cost”. If was the money you can reach level1 to level30 at same day buying refil energy and play all day

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You don’t need a team of 5 legendary to get to 2800 cups… a mix of legendary and epics would lower the TP requirements. A while back, 2800 was easily achivable with 4* heroes only. I did it several times. Not sure how that would work nowadays.

A aliança esta com 30 membros não tem como entrar lá pra conversar com ele

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My french is a bit rusty, but I’ll take a wild guess… the alliance is full so you can’t join to ask how he’s doing it? Is that it? Am I close at least?


Portuguese, not french. And you are correct, the alliance is open but full at moment.


Technically speaking, you can buy ham (gem refill) and feeders (lots of summons). As for mats, he possibly could’ve just bought mats over a long period of time (through offers and ascension bonus chests) but never played campaign/quests or farmed. Then with a max team of 4*'s he could’ve raided to 2829 cups with insane RNG boards. I’ve personally raided to 2880 cups with three 4*'s and two 5*'s on my. So I think it’s possible…although I doubt that’s whats happening here.

At lvl17 your Team Cost is 96, you can only put 4 epic heroes and 1 legendary hero. I’m monitoring his activity today, at Diamond Arena he appears to win raids very easy being online and increase the cups.

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Oh, he is repeating the process? I was unaware…

Intriguing it indeed is…

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Well, that’s curious.
He’s at 2609 cups right now. Same squad.

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If he spent big at the start to field a good 4 star team very early, than those gm, tell, Vela centers aren’t really an issue. To spice things up, I regularly take only 4 stars.

Example of a fun match.

And if he’s spending big, he’s probably also buying those raid shields

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This video only prove the 1k power difference between the teams.
The raid shield doesnt work above 2600cups and today I saw him off during 1hour with a poor defense and his lose only a few cups but continues on Diamond Arena since yesterday.