Lvl Tiburtus or Jabbar? New player here

Tiburtus or Jabbar? I just started playing last month so I’m new to the forum and the game. I’ve been reading a lot of posts but I haven’t found anything about Jabbar. I don’t know enough about the game to decide which to level up. I’ve been dividing between the two but neither gets leveled much that way. I know it probably depends on what I’m doing with them, but I’ m not sure what I’m doing most of the time anyway🤗

Tiburtus. His special is one of the key basic tools for titans, because it multiplies all other damage done to the targets after it hits.


Jael, since you say you are new, focus on building a maxed 3* rainbow team. That will enable you to complete the quests to gain ascension materials so you can max your 4* team. Focus on 1 hero of each color all the way to max.

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When you are ready to level a 4*, focus on Tibs first.

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I started at the beginning of June so I have 4 stars leveled already but I really only have one good team. I’m trying to level some others for the other teams now. Thanks for the advice!!

Oh…that’s what that means. I don’t understand what a lot of the special moves actually do. I’m kind of new to gaming…my kids laugh at me a lot when I go in asking them things like “what’s DoT”? I’m guessing it’s not small circles??? LOL :laughing:


@Jael are you in an alliance that can help you with these types of questions?

I did join an alliance. They don’t talk much so I haven’t really asked anything. Guess I should have thought to ask them first though😊

If they aren’t helping you, you might need a different alliance. Which one are you in?

I’m in The Grey Guild. But to be fair,I haven’t really asked them anything…I haven’t seen any chatting going on so I didn’t really think to ask them…most of my info on the game has come from reading questions/responses here.

It’s quiet because you only have about 6 members that are actually active, and you have the most experience of any of them. Your leader hasn’t played in 6 months

That is what is known as a dead alliance.

Again, walk before you run.

Have you read everything in the empires and puzzles wiki? Have you tapped everything on your screen to see what pops up?

This game is way complicated and best to learn first. There are a bunch of player guides o. This forum.

Figure out what your first questions should be. Jabbar is an event hero so you have used summons. Do you know about Hero of the month? Lots to learn before moving to challenges.

Forgot. DoT is damage over time while HoT is heal over time. Not to be confused with HoTM which is hero of the month.

Oh…any suggestions for me?

Find a new alliance. Maybe put a message in your alliance chat before you leave to let the others know to leave too.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to deactivate alliances when the leader goes AWOL

If you’re interested, I’ll put in a shameless plug for Magnificent Bastards (my alliance)

Granny’s Warriors is also an active alliance that welcomes new players. They should have room for a few good folks

I’ve read a lot from the wiki and from here, but it is very confusing to a newbie. I’m learning through trial and error mostly…and looking up things online. Some of the conversations on here are way above my head though—it’s all geek to me😆, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it anyway!!

Awesome thanks!! I’ll do that after the current AW (an acronym I finally figured out lol—I’ll get the hang of this yet!)

Sounds good. See you soon

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