Lvl 64 looking for a family alliance


I am a level 64 f2p player looking for a new competitive alliance.

I have been with my current alliance for over a year. I have never missed a titan and always use my war flags. While it is very active, it’s not competitive enough for me anymore. I started out as one of the weaker members but have since worked my way to the top of our alliance. We regularly take down 8* titans. I am usually the top hitter 75% of the time. I average around 200k damage with minimal item usage. Usually only enough mana pots to charge Wu Kong at the beginning. I have 13 maxed 5* and 2 more currently in training. I have 26 maxed 4*.

I am looking for a family alliance that is in the top 100. I know I cannot compete in a top 100 alliance right now but I would like to work my way through the alliance family and maybe someday earn a spot in a top 100 alliance.
I want to learn to be more competitive in wars. My current alliance has a FFA policy on wars so any type of strategy would be appreciated.
While I don’t mind attacking at certain times of the day I do not want to have to wake up in the middle of the night because that’s when you said I had to attack.
Looking for 10* or greater titans. I know I won’t be top attacker anymore but again it gives me something to strive for.
I have not used Line or Discord before but I do have both apps on my phone.

If you have any questions for me I would be happy to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Phoenix Fire are currently looking for one player to join our family.
We are a fun and friendly bunch who only ask that players are active in both Titans and use all 6 war flags.
Trophy requirement is 2000
TP 4000
We currently take down 13* & 14* Titans.
We also use line chat where we share war strategies and offer advice and support should you need help with improving your heroes.
If you feel that this is the right place for you, then please contact our leader Firespirit71 via line chat.
We look forward to fighting alongside you.
Check us out TropicWraith, we will have a spot open after War finishes tomorrow

You’re about to be inundated with offers.
After reading through what you’re looking for in a new alliance, I have a couple of suggestions for you.

TBD part Deux - titans capped @12*, currently one spot available

Cemetery Seeds - titans capped @10*
@Kalis spaces available

And both have ties with the Incognitos, a top 100 alliance who are typically full. Nothing to see here 🕵

Lots of knowledgeable players who strive to do their best - they empathise when you bounce off tanks in war, we’ve all done it, and celebrate when you achieve 100+ in titan hits.

Lots of information shared on Line / Discord too.

Phoenix Empire offers a family of alliances that will help you grow too, they’re top team is in the top 100 too - @MuadDib.

GL in your E&P journey.


The Dominant would like to have you as part of our family

The crew family has 2 in the top 100, Crew-Saders is usually top 20 and Crew-Raiders are top 100 and Crew-Jesters are not far behind. Crew-Barons, Crew-Sapphires and Crew-Mates have spots open and match well with what you are looking for. You can reach me on Line @ ffphier and a can help you find a good fit or you can find their recruitment ads in this forum.


Oh boy, let the floodgates open in this thread :crazy_face:

Like @Sarah2 said, Cemetery Seeds is a direct path for you to reach the goals you are aspiring. Top 100 as F2P is an awesome ladder to climb, and I’m 100% sure we can help you achieve that with the pipeline we have in place.

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You can try Seven Days Uprising

I will second everything @Sarah2 said. I think TBD would be a good fit for the situation you described. We are not a family per se, but CS, TI and TBD have close ties, and some players have moved around between them.

Hit me up on Line or Discord if you take a look at our post.

Good luck! Your I’ll get a ton of offers. You would be a great fit at a lot of alliances that are committed.

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Come check out The Fantastic Core. 11/12* titans occasionally 13*, we would enjoy another solid f2p member. Terry_son is my line id (Terryson in game) if you want to check us out. We are full atm but a member plans to join another alliance for next mythic and so we will have a spot open.


loot hunts may not be top 100 but we are dedicated group of 27 who take war and titians seriously(easily handle 11’s problems with 12’s{need more guns}). Loot hunters is a merger of the parent alliance with two others. I was leader of the first to merge)Red Hot& Blue). I have found the whole group entertaining and friendly. It has been the best move I’v made in playing they gamer for more than 3 yr.

We work together for war.
Come look us up. Just knock on the door and someone will let you in.

Most communication with through the game chat. We have F2p and P2p members

See you soon

Thank you everyone for responding with your alliance info.

I have found a new alliance.

You can close down this thread

Um? :thinking:

FWIW @TropicWraith, @Tagging a friendly moderator or raising a flag, will close your thread. Posting a statement on the chance that a moderator might read it… :grimacing:.

I’ve raised a flag for you. GL in your new alliance.

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Closed per OP’s request.

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