Lvl 20 Training Camp Mass Checking Theory

Hi All,

Please let me share with you a romuor I’ve heard, maybe some of you know something more about it.

There are people out there who claim that you can increase the chance of pulling 4* and more importantly 5* on lvl 20 TC simply by checking the results of several trainings at once.

You just add new trainings without checking what you got for the old ones, and once you get to some seemingly arbitrary number, let’s say ten, you check what you got.

True, it takes many days to do that, but there are some who claim it’s totally worth it.

One friend of mine pulled 5 at once this way and got two 5 stars within (an incredible 40% rate!). The other one did 10x (yes he waited 20 days!) and got one 5* and three 4*.

What do you think? Have you ever heard of this theory? Did my friends just got incredibly lucky and the whole thing is just coincidence? Or is it…?

I can’t wait to find out myself so I started with this method (got 5 heroes trained already). My goal is to keep it up till Christmas’ Eve to make me some nice gift :slight_smile: If you think it’s a good idea you can do it, too and we’ll share our results here!

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Just patience & luck
2 weeks got got in a row : Elena Sartana Boldtusk & Horghall. … 3 3* then Chao …yesteday Kailani

==Increased chance==

Just RNG.

I have a very higher than normal 4*/ 5* rate on my Legendary training, but I expect it to even out in the end.

I really like purple 5* Obakan ( splash damage, reflect damage ). Gryphonkit, my wife, summoned Obakan 48 hours after starting her first Legendary training.

==Leveling heroes==

I let heroes sit in my Legendary training until I am leveling a 4* 4.60+ / 5* 3.60+ hero because Legendary supplies so many 3* heroes, I can use them when leveling my 4*/ 5* heroes.

As long as I don’t claim Legendary training, it takes up no space in my hero roster.


Since Legendary training averages one 4* hero every 5 summons, if you claim 10- 80 at once, you have very good odds at getting 2- 16x 4* Heroes.

Since Legendary training averages one 5* hero every 20 summons, if you claim 40- 80 at once, you have a very good odds of getting 2- 4x 5* Heroes.


I like playing with 1- 2 Healers. Since Vivica is the only 5* Healer from Legendary training, the more claimed at once, the better chance I have of getting Vivica.

It’s like most “lucky” actions. Just because it correlated with a good outcome a few times doesn’t mean it’s causal. I mean, it won’t hurt to do it, so go nuts. But I’d be shocked if there were a programming error that allowed it to help.

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Sounds like crock. Lol

I wouldnt listen to the “cheating the rng” rumors too much. The rumor of a few months back was that you increase your odds of getting 5* heroes from the tc20 if you delete (feed away) all the non 5* heroes in your hero roster.

Someone here shared with us that his/her alliance leader fed away every single 3* and 4* hero she/he had (year+ of progress) because someone spread this rumor to him/her.

Atleast this recent rumor you heard won’t hurt your progress (besides at most causes hero leveling to slow a little bit —maybe) so go nuts if you really want to

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If you pat your head and rub your belly at the same time while clicking TC 20 with your toe to get the hero then that increases your chances of it being a 5* hero.


I don’t think it’s gonna slow down my progress because I would do this training every two days anyway, it’s just a matter of when you discover the outcome :slight_smile:

Anyway, you guys are probably right. Maybe it is crock, but hey, it’s just fun to wait and dream :slight_smile: Just like the lottery coupon.

If I have a bad day, I can now say to myself: “Hey, I may have Sartana, Lianna and Magni right now in my deck and I don’t even know it yet”, isn’t that awesome? :slight_smile:


I doubt it. It’s just RNG. I’ll check at the beginning of February. by then I’ll have 42 or so saved up in my TC 20. I have not collected on it in a while and I’ll save it until then because I’m saving up for a speed level of the February HoTM anyway.

I’ll make a video of when I collect on it and post it in Spice Academy chat

I did 50 pulls divided by 4 Tc 20. All of them gave me 5* made another 10 after that and gave me another thorne another sartana and a third Azlar