Lvl 20 reached everywhere

Ok, it’s time: we need some new building.

The video won’t work for me :slightly_frowning_face:
Can anyone else see it? Probably a software clash.

Anyway, I’m assuming you’ve levelled all your buildings, in which case Congratulations!!!

It’s been debated before, but here’s some ideas for new ones:

  • Trainer Hero Academy - produces trainer heroes
  • Canned Meat factory - uses spare iron and ham to be sold for gems. The exchange rate is awful, but at least the resources get used…
  • Titan Trebuchet - increases your titan damage if you shoot down the dragon flying over the stronghold
  • Gem mine - a small but reliable source of gems
  • Ramparts and towers - decreased loss of resources to raids
  • Tavern (as mentioned in the story mode by Vivica) - improves peasant morale and all buildings work at +5%
  • Guild of Magic - various improvements to the summon gate including increase free summon rate to improving epic summon odds (by, like, 1-2%)

All these are post level 20, so I would expect them to be expensive and give marginal gains


Barracks? Mine’s level 7, and it’s the only building I have left to level.

Max barrak’s level is 10 (: you need stronghold lvl 19 to level up to Max

Yeah, upgrade stronghold over lvl 20 is my hope… I don’t need recruits or other gems (4 tc 20 are my tokens )… My only need is, actually, food… ):

:grinning: grind my piggies in the windmills

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