Lvl 20 legendary training

I have been training on the level 20 legendary training for the past 3 months. I have it going non-stop. Got a whole lot of heros. Mostly 3 Stars. A few 4 stars and 0… Please count them 0 5* as promised from the training. We already have to wait 2 days for this training to end let alone get mad because I can’t get a 5*. Can you not up the chances for a 5* to come in? I’m not getting anything. Thinking about not spending anymore real money on this game. It’s even the same with gems. I summon 10 at a time and no 5*, 7 3*, and 3 4*. ■■■. Spent in the past 6 months over $600. Not another penny again.

That is def frustrating. The nice thing about TC20 is that it is free. I tracked my 1st 500 pulls from my TC20s and posted the stats a month or so ago. There were times that I went on droughts but then it would all even out. Hang in there. Unfortunately TC20 only gives the basic 5* heroes…


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