LVL 19/20 FARMS - Something to fix



I’d not call it a BUG, but this topic is something that deserves a fix, since it doesn’t reflects the growing curve.

Basically, lvl 18->19 and 19->20 Farm Upgrades grant really few additional food per hour.
To be precise:
18->19 : +85 FoodPerHour // Time: 20h55m
19->20 : +175 FoodPerHour // Time: 1d

Two considerations:

  1. Starting from lvl 10, Farm Upgrades always grants around 300 more FoodPerHour, at the cost of few hours per Upgrade.
  2. Since during the upgrade you don’t gather food, freezing a farm for 44h55m in order to move it from 18 to 20 generates a 4915*44,92 hours = 220780 food lost. And since the Upgrade will grant you only a total of 260 more food, it’s easily said that just to gain back the food lost (and to justify the Upgrades) it takes to you 849 hours (35 days and 9 hours).

Just to give you evidence about the issue, for example moving from 15 to 16, takes 13h4m and gives to you 399 additional FoodPerHour.
You will not gather food for the upgrading time, losing 3800*13,07 = 49667 total food wasted, that will be granted back in 49667/399 = 124 hours = 5 days and 4 hours.

So, to sum it up, I’m pretty sure that this increasing production amount per hour has been set in a very early stage of the game, and it could also works as intended, but if it remains as it is I think none will Upgrade farms since it’s a not-justified waste of time-resources.

Have a nice day everyone.


I’m a marathon away from this. I’d just add that none of the upgrade math makes any sense to me. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern, a natural curve or any milestone logic.