Lv 80 Natalya!



I faced a 4007 power team that had a max lv Natalya as the center.
I wanted to try and fight just for fun. But I did so well that I tried and was able to win on my 3rd attempt. I found her as the center squishy to kill it was actually the rest of the team that was difficult. Just a fun story to share
How do you get a maxed HOM. 10 days into the month?


I usually compare her to Lianna. Similar stats and fast mana, not easy to kill her before she cast 2 spells, even more neither one.
I find the center is the best place for her, cause she delay the mana supply right from the start, and her damage take a while so you need to cast that early.

Probably her most weak spot is that she don’t kill none right off the bat, and even after she’s gone you probably still have all your 5 heroes alive.


By saving up fodder like so:

That plus 4 or 5 million ham (4-5 days at his rank even if not purchasing) and voila instant 80 if you have the ascension mats.

I faced Eagnai the other day: Nat is a better tank than Elena but not by much and it wasn’t close… IIRC it wasn’t one of the “I Win!” style boards either. If I pull her during the event and slot her into defense somewhere it won’t be at tank… just not a great fit for her.


Agreed, @Revelate that I’d not put her on raid defense at all (except to show her off!). I doubt the AI is strategic enough to use her optimally. My Marjana has that position locked up, at least until my Guinevere edges her over.


Any suggestions on the order of my cards for defence, or is it optimal the way it is?