LurkerL Twitch Streaming! -- Valhalla, Challenge Events, Quests!

Hey gang. I will be continuing season 3 live on my channel if anybody is interested in hanging out. I’ll be using world energy flasks and go through all available stages on Normal.

Just take the ’ out or click the link. If you are bored and want to chill.

Some highlights. At the end I am revenging and doing 2 more raid attacks with success using minion setup I am slowly working on :slight_smile: Synergy is very good there!

Fun day! Thanks for everyone who stopped by. As noted I have a lot of raid energy flasks so I might do an all attack live stream soon. Especially if the next path of valor will have raid attack tiers.

Fables of Grimforest (Oct 2020)

Hi everyone. I’ll be doing a live broadcast of Fables of Grimforest on my channel in a few moments. Not going for high score just for completion and fun if anybody wants to hang out I’ll be on my channel

Without the ’ of course. :slight_smile:

Ninja Tower (Oct 2020)

Hi everyone. I’m going to live stream ninja tower on my channel if anybody wants to see and then do some raids. I’ll be live in a few moments

Valhalla (Season 3) continued - Oct 2020

Hi everyone. I will be continuing season 3 (full gameplay all 3 provinces) in a moment if anybody wants to come and watch and hang out. Will also be doing some raids after as well. I’ll be on my channel

Morlovia is here so it’s time for another live show at

Spooky stuff but very excited!

Hi everyone. Yesterday I’ve ascended Margaret and today we are going to hang out and do daily EP activities together like raids, season 3 on hard mode ect so if you want to come and hang out with me and Margaret I’ll be on my channel

Good afternoon. I will be doing a live show of Guardians of Teltoc on my twitch channel at

Do come hang out if you like.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Today was a slow work today so I figured I would use this opportunity to do my continued Season 3 Normal all the way through live footage. I will be on my channel at

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