Luring Titans w/ Food

My alliance, Northern Vikings, has discussed the benefit of being able to summon a titan much sooner than it’s natural countdown. We have an international alliance, but sometimes the titan can come in at an awkward time for us to attack it properly. Also, if we could increase how often we fight/defeat titans, we may be able to boost our chances of overcoming the already dismal titan loot by getting titan chests quicker.

We’d like to discuss the possibility of enticing a titan to arrive faster. Amongst our brainstorming we collectively ruled out offering gems or heroes to lure it in. We really like the idea of an alliance being able to draw a titan in by providing a stockpile of food. We’d like to see members pitching in to decrease the timer so that we could attack at the optimal times. Our current thought is that every 1 million food gathered would reduce the titan timer by 1 hour.

We also see the need to restrict this new advantage by limiting a players ability to ‘send a caravan of food’ to every 24 hours.

May the wisdom of the crowd prevail!!

Glad to see we ruled out Offering “Heros”.
Don’t need any virgin Sacrifices.
OF course there is no guarantee they are.

When you think of it, what are titans coming for in the first place? …food?..or the people?..what drives them?

The Lagoon they always seem to be hanging out in, that somehow turns to Lava when you go to fight them.
“Hey you, big guy, this is a no chilling zone!!!”

This here belongs in the rediculous complaints thread. Why does the fight occur near a volcano when they aren’t near one. Don’t think I’ll even fight a titan the same way again.

You know what, I’ve never considered the back ground…it should resemble their element a bit more.


To really hair- lip ya.
My kid’s asked why the Kraken was in water and Lava

I really thought this idea could be a conversation stater, but oh well.

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