Lunar New Year – Rename “Happy Chinese New Year” Offers

I have been told by a friend the the term Chinese New Year is not accurate and may be offensive to some…Many countries celebrate Lunar New Year and I would think that a worldwide game such as this would be sensitive to that…do your research and if I am wrong then I apologize but if I am right…make the change in the future.


This is being discussed in another thread. I didn’t know about this, but @Ultra gave some good info.

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Ask your friend which calendar this event originated? And who are offended by such term specifically? I have a lot of Chinese friends and no one even bothered to tell me it’s offensive. Many countries do celebrate this, but China is one of the oldest still existing civilization we know of today. They invented the said calendar and have migrated far and wide, establishing communities in almost all countries. No wonder it is celebrated across the world. Besides, they are so many, who are we to say it ain’t Chinese new year? By popular vote alone, they would win.

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She is Korean…I am not sure you would care if you are Chinese…if they can not do this without offending anyone…they should not do it at all…this is not an exclusionary game.

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The only countries who celebrate Chinese New Year are Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore. Also Chinese New Year is world commons. I do not think too sensitive what people is calling.

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Think again…they maybe the only countries that have public holidays to celebrate Chinese New Year but it is celebrated in many more countries than the ones listed…

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Chinese new year originated from a chinese tale in China…i dont see how it would be offensive to call it Chinese new year just because it spread in most east asia countries.

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Thank you for your interest.

If I condone the history distortion and cultural invasion of certain countries just because it is not my country’s problem, then it may be my country’s turn.

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The real issue is that people nowadays are offended by everything and lost touch with things that really matter


Just because you are, not everyone else is the same. Are you not too sensitive?

The real issue is that people nowadays are offended by everything and lost touch with things that really matter

Honestly arguing over the fact that the chinese new year should be called lunar new year just because it’s celebrated also in other countries is kinda trivial to me…but to each their own.

Let’s change pizza name since is eaten everywhere maybe we should call it differently …
Jokes aside if u re so sensitive about it then perhaps you shouldn’t celebrate a festival that was born somewhere else. That’s a fact


@Profound maybe it is too early in the morning for me…but I really can’t see the point you are trying to make here…

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I don’t understand why you write multiple answers to what you consider yourself trivial.

Did you know that Christmas in Russia and America and Europe are different? I don’t think it matters what country it originated from.

It may be the problem you will face when you meet people who claim to have pineapples in an authentic Italian pizza.


Name matters.

Nah it doesn’t matter… In fact what matters is the people you eat the pizza with…

Should be the same for a festival…

I also love to enjoy Western Christmas festivals.
However, the problem is that the game company wrote it as if it were a Chinese festival.

Because it is a Chinese festival…
As much as Christmas is a Christian festival although is celebrated in many more countries cuz of the consumeristic aspect of the festival

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Lol…there is a difference between being Profound and Confusing…if name matters maybe you should change yours…


Profound indeed! :heart_eyes:

I researched like @Erich65 suggested.
Warning… steer clear of 2018!

Agree that Lunar New Year has been embraced and accepted.
Elsewhere that is.
I still don’t want to empty my wallet on this holiday though…


I understand that you are not interested in Eastern history. But not all you know.

Although it rarely exists now, the Lunar New Year festival also originated from Confucianism. It’s a kind of religion.

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Ah ok, so now you’re switching as if u knew me… Sorry u don’t…guess where Confucianism originated?

Anyway, im not gonna change your mind i guess…
Have a good time

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