Lunar New Year Emoji Extravaganza 🎉

Thanks for doing these Dudeious, fun way to learn about our forum members.

I’m going to go with moon as I relate to it the most. Like the moon I’m good at somethings, not to useful with others but I’m always there. You need a ride somewhere, I’ll be there ahead of time. You want to chat about something, I’ll take all the time you need. Being overly reliable is a good thing when being a friend, but a curse when you expect people to treat you with the same consideration.

Be good people.


I would like the :sparkler:

I loved playing with sparklers as a kid. Different holiday, but I got to celebrate the festival of lights (Diwali) with some of my dad’s family in India as a kid. Best fireworks I’ve ever seen. I can still remember the spectacle.

I also got to celebrate the Lunar New Year with some friends in San Francisco once. The parade with drummers and dragon dancers was phenomenal. I don’t suppose theres a dragon dancer emoji?


As an eternal night owl I would love and greatly appreciate the :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Am always out and about by the light of Sin,
god of the :crescent_moon: or as may be preferred, the pressence of Luna , :crescent_moon: goddess.


I would love to get the :sparkler: Sparkles :sparkler: emoji because…

:notes: Let´s go to the mall…Today! :notes:



I would like a


I need something to turn my f… around


I would love a :fortune_cookie: for a couple of reasons. First, because my orb brings fortunate predictions to many people on this forum like fortune cookies do. Second, because I am a sweet tooth and a cookie would get along quite nicely with my candy! (not a regular cookie :cookie: but still a cookie)


Good day to you and everyone here @Dudeious.Maximus

Believe it or not I actually used to have a pet rabbit when I was growing up as a kid (at that time everything was fine, no allergies).

For some reason or another, that pet rabbit gave me an allergy to rabbits, which is bizarre.

I only discovered my allergy to rabbits recently. Touching rabbits now gives me ITCHY skin.

The rabbit emoji would be awesome because …I would like to be reminded everyday of the ITCHY feeling I get when I touch rabbits… :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Alternatively, and on a more serious note :upside_down_face:…I would like the emoji to remember my first ever pet, who has long since passed :smiling_face_with_tear:

He was a friendly enough guy but his two annoying traits were: 1/ he always tried to escape through the hole in our fence and 2/ he always ate his own poop :poop: :poop:

:rofl: :sweat_smile:

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone here


Me : I would love to get the croissant moon emoji please… :drooling_face:
Discobot : You mean crescent :last_quarter_moon_with_face:moon emoji?
Me : Yes i mean that. :laughing:


Since childhood, I have had a very rich imagination. Once, when I was about 5 years old, I invented and told my little girlfriends a story about how I had a pet rabbit. I told him for a very long time how cute and smart he was, how fun we always played with him… And then he got sick and died, and I buried him with a rag wrapped around him. I remember that while I was telling the story, I believed in the existence of this rabbit so much that the story of his funeral brought me and everyone who listened to this story to bitter tears. Probably, a group of bitterly sobbing babies looked very strange from the outside.
I still remember my poor fictional rabbit and am saddened by the bitterness of loss.
Give me a rabbit. You have a rabbit, though drawn, but real and it will never die. :blush:


So much for my reasons for the request of a :biting_lip:


Looks like fireworks and I just love fireworks so maybe Discobot is going to be nice…


I would love to get the :fortune_cookie:. Definitely need to know my fortune for 2023. Horrible luck last year.


@discobot I would like :rabbit2: out of the top ones because it’s a bunny. But would also like :dragon::dog2::bison::crocodile::pineapple::croissant: :beaver: if any of those could be possible I would be happy.


Who needs a green lantern when you can have a red lantern :izakaya_lantern:


I am still sad that I did not get the snow man for Christmas, so maybe I get some :sparkler: for consolation