Lunar New Year Emoji Extravaganza 🎉

Woop we back again …giving out 5 emjois for people to get the chance to have on there personal profile on the forum …
Rules are quite simple post the emjoi you like the most and give a reason why (20 characters)
You can only post for ONE emjoi soo choose wisely. Dont reply to folk aswell that be awesome …

Example @Dudeious.Maximus id like the :rabbit2: as I am magician and I can pull a bunny out of my… keep it clean and respectful forum rules :wink:

so the emjois are…






There will be a bonus emjoi too for best comment on why would like said emjoi … what that is is undiced… depends on the poster I may chuck a dragon to some folk too… :green_heart:
Winners can have the chance for the bonus emjoi too :clap:

Discussion can be found here

All info about the live game event can be found here… thanks @PlayForFun yah still banned from participating :rofl::green_heart:

Happy lunar new year too you all …hopefully discobot can give some joy to someone :robot::green_heart:
Good luck :crossed_fingers:


I’d love to have a :sparkler:. I am a scientist and it totally looks like some kind of atomic disruption. So a perfect match for me :sunglasses:


I would love to have the Bunny :rabbit2: cos my partner is a Bunny and it would be great to have him with me.


I would like the crescent moon :first_quarter_moon_with_face: please, because us pirates rely on the moon to navigate at night. Without it I would be lost at sea.

Here is the proof, and a nice song for you. Thank-ye kindly :pirate_flag: .


I would love to add the :first_quarter_moon_with_face:.

Though miles apart, we’ll share the love for a great (5) star…


I would very much like the Rabbit please, and in honor of the Lunar Zodiac I will give 12 reasons why

  1. I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, so having the emoji will remind me how old I am getting

  2. My first pet was a Rabbit, and the ghost of Spotty said he will haunt me if I do not earn a Rabbit

  3. My ex used to call me his little Bunny, and having this emoji will help me show how over that ($)*))(!@#@ I am

  4. I sometimes wriggle my nose like a bunny when I’m stressed, so the emoji will hopefully remind me NOT to do it

  5. My mom is very superstitious, and having a bunny emoji will please her as she will think I am listening to her superstitious advice

  6. Our house plant is very nasty, scratching me with her leaves, and my bunny emoji will be used to threaten her for being so awful

  7. A neighbor that I dislike hates fluffy animals, so this bunny emoji will be a big “bah humbug” to them

  8. According to the legends, the Rabbit is only the 4th animal in the Zodiac because it got overconfident and napped, thus getting delayed. This fits me, I woke up at 8am and snoozed until 9.30am, so the bunny is in honor of me being a big old Sleepyhead

  9. According to the horoscopes, the Rabbit is kind and sociable, having the rabbit emoji will remind me to always be kind and sociable

  10. According to the horoscopes, Rabbits need surprises from time to time. So earning this emoji will make for a very nice surprise!

  11. Bunnies have strong legs, and I have been going hard at the gym during leg day. This bunny emoji will help remind me not to skip leg day!!

  12. I will probably never be able to summon Killhare or Xiaotu anyway, so at least I can get the rabbit emoji, finally! (I also wanted the bunny last Springvale but didn’t get it :frowning: )


As many people here know I don’t like villagers and I like ducks. Ducks rule!
I suggested that we should get rid of villagers (turn them into extra ham crates and bones) and create a village of bunnies. Oh, I can already see cute balls of fur hopping around our strongholds. :rabbit2: :rabbit2: :rabbit2:
My Mr. Lepus approves!


I’m a counting lover person and I have a :1234: emoji. But Like @Joesiera , @Pike and @PlayForFun I don’t want to count a zero so I want a :rabbit2: for my counting thread :smiley: May I get it please :face_holding_back_tears:


Since it’s the year of the Rabbit, my fur kid Kooky thinks his daddy should get a bunny emoji

Pretty please :pleading_face:


We have enough ducks and monkeys and of course fish!!! You want to add more rabbits??!! We are becoming one huge group of zookeepers lol!!!


I would love a bunny because I did not get Xiaotu and I am heartbroken. Just give me the hero I want. Here’s my money (cries in a dumpster).


In that case I wouldn’t mind an entire forest in my roster !!!


I will try my luck and go for the :izakaya_lantern: !

I for one, know that I am night owl through and through, and so more often than not I am working ferverantly by lamp, lantern, or sometimes even candle depending on what the mood calls for… Not to mention the beautiful tradition of families gathering to release a lantern to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023.

2022 was an incredible year - and not just because I found E&P :wink: (though I am sure some naysayers would say that was a slippery slope)! But it was a lot of “forward planning” and “investments” and “commitments” (thankfully all positive and wrapped up now), and so I want to leave that in my past, and take 2023 to be the year FOR ME!

There will be holidays, shopping, and just the little things that bring joy to the mundane and I can’t wait! :heart:

Stay well, and until next time :wolf:


^fortune cookie for me. I’ve generally stopped eating them because I don’t like them. But my wife and dog love them. Hopefully we order chinese food before this contest ends and I can add a picture of him eating his fortune cookie.


I want the fortune cookie. Give it to me!


I would liove to have a Rabbit as I’m also born in the year of the Rabbit. Plus, my house is full of stuffed rabbits, so why not an emoji for this forum to add to that.


I love lamp :izakaya_lantern:

(20 characters)


Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus for another opportunity.
Dear @discobot, I would like a :sparkler:. :pleading_face: Because if I don’t get anything again, there’s a chance I’ll explode. So do your best or I’ll scrap your rusty body. :angry:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.