Lunar Emoji Extravaganza 雙龍 "Double Dragon"🎉

Well we are back agian for another Emoji contest … Woop!:tada:

Doing a bit of a twist on this one folks as the year of the dragon. My year even though ain’t my luna year, i still have the dragon inside me.

I wasn’t sure how to do this as i give dragons to folk as the emojis will have dragons in it…

So for this one its a free for all post for the emoji you Would like the most on your profile. 20 characters @Dudeious.Maximus id like the :thinking: so i can think on what the f…keep to forum rules too .

There will be 8 winners for this discobot will find the winners too :green_heart:

There will also be the bonus emjoi for why you want said emoji
Winners have a chance at the bonus emoji too :clap:

Discussion can be found here

All live game information can be found here thanks @PlayForFun

May discobot grant you the way of a dragon :dragon_face: good luck :green_heart:


I would like burn my medal between two dragons

:dragon: :medal_sports::dragon_face:


I can’t decide what I want yet, but I wanna get my entry in AND say a big thank you, Dragon Dude, for being so cool - loving the twist this giveaway!


I would like the :dragon: please. Managed to pull Qinglong so this would be perfect.
Good luck everyone!


@Dudeious.Maximus I would like the :skull: to go with my avatar and my unnatural love of all things Skullish!

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:


This is impossible King of the Dragons! So many choices, so many…

Oh sweet and wonderful DiscoBot, grant unto me a :scorpion: because I too love to pinch and stab people!


I would want…

to thank @Saphirra for being nice and pointing me twords this thread.

However, while I like all the emojis, I know a whole lot of people cherish them more thand I do and it’s also a way to make them feel… well… like part of this family and I wouldn’t want to rob anyone of that.
While I was rather active in the past, that was a long time ago, and I’ve only been back for 2 days and that shouldn’t give me any kind of points.In the end it is still a pleasure to see that most people here are as nice as I remember them to be. I’m sure @Dudeious.Maximus sees all the other faces of people and for that I don’t envy him…
Long story, short… cookies for everybody!

:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:


Ok, I have a LOT of pictures to show my 1 of greatest passions, and the reason I want the :dagger: emoji.

Those last 2 pictures are swords that I added to my collection this Christmas. I have loved blades for as long as I can remember. This isn’t even my whole collection, I can think of at least 5 more that didn’t make the cut. (Pun intended) lol. Thank you and stay sharp.


Wow thank you once again @Dudeious.Maximus for holding this exdragonvaganza!

For me, there are quite a couple of emojis that are related to me.
Firstly, I was born in the year of the :sheep: :ram: :goat: :ram:羊. So I would think this is the most appropriate… and just like it, I am a gentle, harmless little sheep. And if there’s a chance for another emoji… it shall be :pisces: :fish: cos I’m a Pisces!


I would like an :axe: emoji.
Discobot foretold that one day I would get it :wink:


I’d like :smiling_imp:. Just a warning to others…


Placeholder post as I am undecided :confused:


Great to see the emoji extravaganza :tada:

@Dudeious.Maximus : Since I have the dragon, I will edit this request / entry.

  • I’d like the :bow_and_arrow: the balanced archer in me & / OR :tiger: the Surivior …. Coz, Both teach & connect me to life :kissing_heart: :heart:

Cheers :exclamation:


Ooooo a plot twist! Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus this is fantastic. I’ve loved reading why everyone wants a specific emoji. Can’t wait to read more! What a great way to learn more about each other :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine won’t be a surprise to most. I’d love the almighty :mirror_ball::robot: to grant me a :athletic_shoe:

I didn’t start running until later in life, after my youngest was born. It was never something I thought my body could do. I’ve had the bad habit of diving 100% into a new interest or hobby, only to quit when it gets hard. And running has - and always might be - hard for me. But it’s allowed me to push myself in so many ways and make some unbelievable connections. With new and unexpected friendships, with nature, and most importantly, with myself. It’s saved me in a lot of ways when I needed it most.

Best of luck to all getting your dream emoji!


Well, if I’ve understood correctly, our great dragon overlord would prefer that we don’t pick a dragon.

So, what better way to celebrate the lunar new year than a :first_quarter_moon_with_face: moon emoji?


Hey hey another giveaway!

Please put me down for the two champagne glasses clinking. Lord knows I say cheers enough.

Thanks dude!


A new year is often associated with a chance to refocus. A time to start working on being the person you want to be. So with that in mind…

I recently saw an interview with Michael J Fox. The man has Parkinson’s. I am not an expert on the disease, but it seems rather advanced. And yet, he still found the wherewithal to share this little nugget- with gratitude, optimism is possible. If you can find something to be grateful for, you can find a reason to hope. :sunny:

Thinking on this, I am grateful for all of you. @Dudeious.Maximus - for everything! @Smaug_the_Golden - for inspiration!
@Saphirra - for what have got to be some of the coolest blades I’ve seen! (Instantly wondered if you have a “Bruce Wayne” type armor room with all of them displayed. :heart_eyes:)
And all of the rest of the amazing people who take time to share and connect!

I’d like to win so that I can share it with one of you! Emoji to be named later. Good luck!


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Ha ha …. This is also a placeholder as I’m pretty sure Discobot is going to pick this number!

Possibly crescent moon …… processing ……

Update 1. It’s a moon, so fits with the lunar theme!

Update 2. Moon is Luna in Latin, so it reminds me of @Luna who is missing at the moment.

update 3. I tried to get it last time too, so I’m sticking with it!

Update 4. It will look cool above the ship, like this …

Update 5. I am sticking with

So, just to help you Discobot, it’s:

Let’s go - Discobot roll 1dn (where n= the number of valid entries)

Required answer = :game_die:19

Winner = Steve9999

Thanks in advance :pray:


I’d like to get this :t_rex: emoji and thanks :blush::innocent: