Lulu's house of goats is looking for more goats!

New alliance with experienced players and really awesome humor!

Currently killing 5*, but I estimate that we could easily kill at least 10* with current ~15 peeps. Titans just haven’t grow, that big yet. Hoping, that we would never let any titan escape. :wink:

DRAMA FREE and I mean that. I want positive wipe in my ally! Hoping to build ally, which really can have fun in top100 without huge stress! If that sounds like you, jump in and you can be GOAT too!


Come eat grass with other goats! :goat: :goat: We got first 6* today, still way too easy!


Goats are killing first 7* today. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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is that front to back or back to front to get a positive wipe? :smiley:

Kidding aside, Lulu is a great leader, and I am sure her alliance is a great one to be in.


We got first 8* today, still way too easy. Hoping, that we won’t ever pass titan. :goat:

Having blast with friends, join us and you can have blast too! :wink:


One spot open currently! Be the one :goat:, what we are looking. We have won all wars(yes, I have to admit, that those have been new ally missmatch), but still WOHOO! We have kill all our titans without much work, currently fighting 12*, still growing.

Killed firts 13* today! Couple spots open, if you are lookinc fresh salad. :grimacing: :goat:

3 goats wanted! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Hoping to get first 14* today! NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE GOAT!! I bet you are always wanted to be one. :grimacing:

Hola soy nuevo en esto pero el juego me encanta y si me aceptan en el grupo lo agradezco :+1::+1:

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand spanish. :grimacing:

Yo utilizo el traductor de Google

Sorry, I don’t it would work really well without same language.

LOOKING FOR 3 GOATS! We got first 14* yesterday, hoping not to ever pass titan. :kissing_heart: Join us and get your free salad.

hello I would like to join your team to collaborate as much as possible thanks

Hey, do you have line? Thing is that we are really chatty ally, so basically understanding english would be needed.

Lost couple goats to RNGesus! Looking for more goats! :goat:

Awesome alliance. Lulu’s knows her stuff!


Looking for couple more lawn eaters! I know my stuff. :goat:

Sadly I have to say, that we needed to let one titan go. Looking for more goats, so that we won’t ever need to do that again! May the goat be with you! Fighting 13*-14* titans!

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Jjjmmm bueno okey gracias

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