🕵 Lughaidh – S4 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Do not underestimate him, he isn’t just anything to breeze through.

Defense buff is big one, and it’s literally unavoidable and undispellable. Same goes for the heal. And that while maitaining all the good about being a ghost (even if you are almost dead - you get free 4 turns to kill enemies with tiles).

Yea being slow means he’s gonna face the ‘too slow to be useful’ label, as any other slow hero in the game. But my impression of him in beta was he’s pretty decent, I wouldn’t be surprised to get my butt kicked by him more than I’d want.

I think he’s more or less on Heimdall’s level.


I think he is honestly so underrated. I dont get where the hate comes from, probably one opinion influencing another. He is VERY tanky, so with paladin emblems he will most likely always fire. After he has tanked a lot, he buffs his team, which is uncleansable (!) and ok you can ghost tile, but by that point a tank would be probably dead anyway. It might be just a bit useless if he gets out of ghost form, because it is unlikely that he fires a second time.
But then on the other hand, he will just act as a meat shield again, while his allies could hopefully survive (64% defense uncleansable is a lot + that 720 hp regeneration).
I think that he is highly underrated and I would love to put him in my war team as a tank, because i am missing a good green one. Artwork is awesome as well, which is very important for me when choosing to lvl up a hero. :smiley:



I had to check forum to find out that those buffs to allies are undispelable, the hero card needs to be very clear


As I though, his buff work in the same way as Guardian Gazelle and Baldur.


Agreed. They should add a few more pages of notes to the description to make it all clear.


His artwork is amazing do.


But Ursena is “Empress of the Depths”

I wonder how relation between three of them be :rofl:

And could anyone “post full body picture with tile” of Ursena here (reply to this post. I can’t find it on internet :sweat_smile:) ?

@sleepyhead Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow…… If you put him next to Ludwig that could be an amazing synergy. Ludwig becomes almost invincible with special skill defense up and Lugi’s defense up. Then if they fire at a similar time……Luigi will be coming out of ghost form just in time fir Ludwigs Mana generation to be at or near 100% to heroes next to him. So Lugi will immediately go back into ghost form. Rinse repeat.

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Nope, as far as I know, Ludwig’s mana buff is applied on allies and so dispelled like everything else on Lugh when he goes the ghost mode.


Good point….I need to read the card more closely. Dang I would have loved that synergy.

And that’s where I may teeter on this hero. I wish they kept the buffs in ghost form (just that the buffs don’t mean anything) then when he comes out the buff is there for him.

Remove the ailments but the buffs stay.

What would be wicked cool is while a hero is in ghost form he collects the buffs that his teammates apply while he’s in ghost form. Then when he comes out all the buffs start at turn 1 that we’re cast while he was in ghost form.

That would make him really good and really fun to use

Just can’t see how this is good. He’s slow, and then can’t gain mana in ghost form. He’s literally gonna get one cast off and the result is not ground breaking. If it gave some huge attack buff along with defense I could see, but I just don’t get how he’ll be any use in any capacity. I’ve been wrong before though…

Why is he even slow?

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I agree. I see what SG wanted to do with him, but, in my opinion, its wrongly designed. The problem is not the effect of his special skill, which indeed is very good. The defense up and the hp boost which is 740hp along 4 turns. The lackluster thing comes when we see his speed and the fact that he turns in ghost form.
It makes him useless on defense, because its slow and once he fires he becomes an empty space where you can throw tiles and charge your heroes.
On offense, i cant see how it can be good, he fires once and then you have to wait another 4 turns to start charging the hero again… thats too long.

I wish you can prove us wrong, but he doesnt seem nothing like heimdall to me as you say above


Not only that his passive ability is a bad choice. Give him the 20% mana at the beginning of match instead of MORE defense. He has enough defense.

Ahhh the more I think about it this hero is frustrating. Especially after the other OP slow heroes they introduced.

If he was used like I described above. Maybe call it Spirit Form instead of ghost. He collects all Buffs recurved while in Spirit form abd when he comes back all buffs on him start at turn 1.

That would give him synergy with a ton of other heroes and make him extremely fun to play with.

Now he’s just a glorified green meat shield which have better options at the moment.

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Can not envisage this hero being used at PVP at all , at best. could be handy for maps .

The undispellable , def up and HP boost is great … but can’t gain HP himself or mana or obtain buffs in ghost form so can’t see much use .

If did one thing more , potentially could be good hero but at slow speed I see no use for him .

How can the buffs of one hero be undispellable when that is not stated on the card?
Come on.

Because they ran out of room to write it down

Is this the official explanation or something you just came up with?
I dont care even if they make the letters smaller than 1 μ , The abilities and the whole skill of a Hero should be stated clearly on the card.
Since it doesnt say that his Buffs are undispellable then they are not.