🕵 Lughaidh – S4 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Not really. He is still an amazing support hero even at slow

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HE would be amazing if he cleansed more allies then just himself and/or if he distributed a strong attack buff to allies.

Please buff this hero!

Interesting point, i didnt realize she had the exact same ability

Sadly she it’s, do exactly the same but much better because of her fast speed, a 4* s2 hero it’s much better than the king of underwild.

Except a stiff breeze will take her out. Meanwhile lugi has lb stats of d 1057, health 1663. And he is a paladin. A hero that cant get healed during their special needs high survivability which he has and she doesnt. and his defense up is better. I could make use of her if i got her but she isnt as useful as luigi and he would still make my daily raiding team

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So you understand that she it’s better version of him but you just don’t want to accept it, she must be a little bit fragile than him she it’s 4*, no one don’t expect she to be bulkier than 5*, her fast mana it’s much better and she will use her special much more, also when she get in ghost mode she don’t need to be so bulky because she it’s imune to everything.

I literally just said she is not a better version of him for the support role they both play. Even factoring in mana speed

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Ye ye I agree with you, a faster hero where it’s make everything like the slow one it’s worst. What I said I agree with you, thank you for opening my eyes my friend.

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I tried playing with him, but he’s too tricky to play, and rely on him consistently. Yes, he is really sturdy, so usually he gets to fire.

Nonetheless, after firing he does too little in my opinion. His heal and def up have a too low impact on the fight. If you are on the verge of death, you have maybe two rounds to recover, either by charging your guys and killing aggressors or by charging a second healer. Otherwise, you may end up dead. Using Vivica as an insta heal, usually have a bigger impact.

He does have an impact, where you charge him quickly in the match, overheal some of you guys, and charge quickly hard hitters to waste their specials on your powered-up heroes.

I like to play with one, reliable healer, and using Lughaidh I definitely felt the need to have a second one in my team. But that may be just my playstyle.

What makes him weak, is the inability to heal himself and charge himself while in ghost form. I didn’t think that it will be as big of a liability, but it is. This makes him actually the slowest hero in the game to charge second time :stuck_out_tongue: so, if he’s your only healer, you usually have only one chance to recover.

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Yep you go in with her as a support role and fast speed and I will go in with him as a support role and slow speed and x2 survivability and we will see who helps the team more, my friend.

I agree with you that he is not good as a primary healer. I generally wouldn’t think any HOT heroes are good as a primary healer.

I tend to go in with anywhere from 2 to 5 healers in my raids and in that type of setup he works very well - most of my heroes are slow and so I am generally assured of getting matches to boost my survivability, and Luigi will fire 1-3+ times each match. When facing 1 or more dedense down heroes his utility increases exponentially.

I will not lose my time to argue with you, if your play style it’s to bring 10 healers in the team to make him shine ok, my bplay style it’s not like this, when I put heroes in my teams it’s to win if board it’s giving me tiles and to put another 3 4 healers to make this garbage to work ones in 10 battles to record it and to say look he it’s working, good day may friend.

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X2? C’mon…

Here you go @Frozen:

There is a reason why he backpedals.
Not long ago he says 4* get a "HUGE ADVANTAGE"
Now they get half?

I don’t think it’s “x2” without the costume. Throw a costume on a 4* and their stats get very comparable to their 5* counterparts. Throw emblems and LB (+1.02%) on them next…
and it can be hard to tell them apart.
There’s no huge advantage.
…But it’s not half either…!

Now give it fast speed…
And it can activate before taking massive hits
I don’t think the slightly reduced stats would be a lesser choice even at average speed let alone fast.

It’s normal that better, stronger and faster versions continually get released.
It’s also normal for someone… to deny it
When it is inconvenient for him

And asking for a buff is exceedingly inconvenient. Even insulting


Ameonna costume with full emblems and LB has stats very comparable to her 5* counterpart? What waffle you speak!

Yes I have always said that giving a 4* LB gives a much bigger advatange than giving a 5* LB. But you are talking about a 4* with one of the weakest defensive stats vs a 5* with one of the highest defensive stats. There is no backpedalling here, just simple facts. Which you like to gloss over for the cause of attacking me. Disturbingly obssessed you are, especially considering you don’t even play this game any more.

I would love someone to give her costume fully emblemed and LBd stats so we can compare like for like. But yeah I would say he would have a huge advantage in survivability over her. She may take one less match to get to her special, but she may die first. Or she may die straight after coming out of her special. And she won’t protect the team as much as he does. She just does not do her job nearly as well as Luigi does. Which is why she will never take his place in my main raid team even if I get her.

And yes I stand by how good he is and he doesn’t come anywhere near needing a buff - and I remember you saying something along the lines of how powerful, maybe even OP he was not that long ago.

No buts before. No math before either. Still no math…
Why do you say “But” now?!?

:point_up_2: this?

Or this :point_down:

Not both…
However… the truth is, BOTH statements are…

The truth remains where I placed it before.
Neatly in the middle, with Math included:

Is still 1.02% on smaller numbers to begin with,
Now your coming around. But half?!?

I don’t advocate for a buff.
But I will say this…
The exact same skill from slow to fast is…

Lughuahdaeawhatever is laughable as a misfit
Balance is now… pure entertainment!
Mostly the comedy variety.

Your claim that a costumed 4* will have
half the survivability…
is full swing ridiculous
From your previous arguments on the other end of that scale.

You like to perceive attacks
And then play victim
I like to point out discrepancies
And hypocrisy
For which your provisions are plentiful


They diverted the subject the best they do because this hero is strange in his creation the king of the depths and I don’t understand his value. He would be a better hero if he just did what he does inescapable and that includes him without being a ghost.

IF Lughi was able to gain mana during hia ghost i would max him. Just got him during the solstice event. He has potential but his heal is to low.

I keep thinking what would i do if hw wss the lastan standing ?

Always nice to see so many opinions and feedback for strategy. Been playing with him @3/70 for awhile and was convinced to take the plunge lol no regrets. Great for events towers autofarming map I’ve decided to put him on the main D will keep updated btw the heal is around 220ish per turn

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