🕵 Lughaidh – S4 Hero – 5* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

The buffs are undispellable, but the can be overwritten… I mean if Lughaidh skills and you have let’s say Magni in your team for example and Magni skills AFTER Lughaidh, then Magni’s defence up will overwrite Lughaidh’s AND so it will be dispellable too!!! Isn’t this a big handicap?
I pulled the beautiful artwork, but I’m not 100% I want to use tonics on him…it may be a waste, after all…

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A couple things stand out to me:


A lot of money!!!

I’m very curious what your expecting from your defense??

I think many may find defensive improvement from a Gazelle that can’t be killed, with lesser rosters than that Lambo you have.
Not up top though… a slow ghoster?
Not for meta defense.

Problems for all defenses. Again, what do you want for your defense?

It seems that you want this again:


The other thing I see is:


A heavy investment in slow nature.
If I had made the same development decisions I would also be feeling a bit of frustration for team composition.

If it were me I’d probably ditch Heimdall.
Out of 100’s of matches I remember him rez once… I do remember! Wow, he actually did it! This makes him a tile dump and easy to navigate. Less useful on offense than Luigi who can also passive drain all mana from enemy snipers.

Yes and for this I want something in return

To keep me at least 2650-2700 cups, this defens cant

He it’s not in my main defense, cKad it’s there, I put him just for test

Not really, they are fragile 4* heroes

Really you think if this hero get the mana passive and clean he will be like the first version of teluria?With this ghost he it’s not for defense at all but this will help to him to shine at least in attack

I don’t think so, he it’s not good only for the rez but and for the direct overheal.

Really, could post the picture ? It is weird that it is undispellable but can be overwritten.

It can’t be overwritten from allies Viv Magni Kiril not even Killhare’s debuff to allies confirmed

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Ok. You have so many posts all about the terrible defense, and trying to move him around and make it work. It seems that this was more concerning to you.

I do completely understand that you have options that prefer for offense!
I’m with you!

Why did you invest so heavily in slow nature’s if you want a strong attacker?

I would say this one has some synergy options. I don’t like Grimble. That locks him into minion niche. For me I like the Hatter and a couple off color mana controllers like my Onatel to buy him time, rather than speed him up.

You have many posts about the bad defense. With your roster, surely there is some ways for you to give 3 or 4 attackers a survival edge.

4 rounds is an eternity in the upper stratosphere as you know. With the right team it should be gg after he fires.

It’s not like I don’t have options for attack

But when you got something you expect to be useful for you and not just wast of space. I maxed him only because his artwork and not because he it’s useful for me, I really like this artwork.

I’m discussing this with an ally mate who says he tried and that the can be overwritten… to tell you the truth I’m searching for that proof myself. So sorry if I derailed you. It may be only some fake info. (I was also about to delete my comment, but since you answered, I won’t

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Thank you!!! I admit I was wrong (had been debating this with an ally mate who said he’s got proof, but I haven’t seen any, actually)

You have a taunter too! There’s all kinds of synergy’s for developing a team around a skill that gives you 4 rounds carefree tile movement. Go ahead and let the cascades run wild and not panic.

I like that he’s slow. For my play style that’s almost perfect timing for me to brace for enemy onslaught. Then GG afterwards.

A side-effect of donating huge amounts of money is wanting something in return to be a thing that dominates defense and also connect-6-tiles and you win. :yawning_face:

When such a thing exists it ruins the game for everyone else. Including you!
Just may take a while to realize that

Magni or any deff can’t overwrite the deff from Luigi but he overwrite any outer deff buff.

For more than 3 years I don’t change mine minds so I don’t think I will now, also when I see some hero need buff I am for this buff, no matter if I have him or not.

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In fact, I ask because there might be a bug. The undispellable buff isn’t suppose to be overwritten. But who know there might be a bug. Anyway, thank you for tell this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too!
But this "new project" will be very easy to make endless videos showing use.
And go on an on, about how hated, awful and what a misfit he is.
And what a genius I am to show how great this terrible hero is.
Too easy.

You’ll have a hard time showing the holes. Dropping Grimble will make Luigi even stronger imo…

There are other heroes worthy of a buff.
I can think of one with best art in the game that I only use on Mythic Titans.
I would like to see her gain more function in the game.
But this one… will be received as a blessing to many!
Too many…
Good luck with the debate! I’ll leave you to it.

Ewww… no more buffs anyway…
Wait for his costume… :disappointed:

This :point_down: following question down there,
looks like :cheese: in a 🪤
And this time I will…

I’m curious who has done this - talk about/show how good they are in making use of a hero that they think is terrible?

Did someone say luigi in vf war???

Singlehandedly kept me alive in a war hit that went terribly wrong from the start, and that i didnt deserve to win…


And some people will still say that he is trash because he “does nothing” in ghost form.

Nice fight :+1:


To be fair, I do think he probably should at least gain some of that HP boost for himself upon firing, though probably not all of it.

It should also be noted that Lug is an auto-farming god who will make a lot of rosters able to auto farm hard modes pretty reliably. Not main concern for a lot of people, but a good quality of life perk for those who happen to obtain him and have some spare mats and hate manually playing through story mode as much as I do.


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