Lughaidh is in need of balance

Now that Jade and heros have seen a fair balance, i suggest balancing king lughaidh so he more playable This hero is royalty but really doesn’t have much to offer on offence or defence. [Cleansing the entire team would be great.]

Hero speeds don’t change often but even shifting to average could provide necessary protection at an appropriate speed VS all of these heavy hitters that exist in the game… This is a hero which would be much more used I feel at average where slow negates him to rush and PVE only


It’s not whether lughaidh needs a balance, he’s really fine for what he provides, the ghost mechanic is the one that needs to be balanced.
Maybe a 80% mana slow whenever a hero shifts into ghost form? So there is at least some mana generation for them even in ethereal form?


I do think that he should provide more. Given his mechanic, he usually fires only once in a raid, so he needs to be more of a gamechanger (like other slow heroes actually, but he - especially). I’d suggest one of the following:

  • add to his undispellable skills an uber-cleanse, Francine-style. This will really protect your guys.
  • add mana generation buff, either passive or active. He won’t be affected, so this is still huge minus, but the others will be. Because of his ghost form, he won’t be put in the def teams that much, it would definitely not break the game.

Then, I’d definitely consider leveling him.


When he fires he keeps his entire team alive through 2, 3, 4 heavy hitting enemy specials. That is one special negating multiple enemy specials. If I get him up early its extremely rare that I lose. Also if you get his timing right he can flip an uncleansable defense down.

When he is last man standing he can win it on his own, often through multiple specials

His ghost mechanic helps vs chain heroes when utilised properly. It also has a 20%+ chance of soaking up and wasting entire enemy specials.

I was extremely lucky to get Phenexa which is an inddirect buff for Luigi, extending his near invulnerability to 7 turns.

I do 90%+ of my raiding with him on my team, the protection he offers is unmatched in the game. I feel my team is naked the few times I have to go without him because I need certain combinations of cleansers, dispellers etc.


He it’s trash and that it’s, with his speed and his ghost mechanic for me he it’s useless. King of the Depths? No way, he it’s King of the Trash.

One mans incorrectly labelled trash is another mans treasure


Haha, another Frozen vs Homaclese Lughaidh encounter. I knew it would occur here! :smiling_imp:

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You told your opinion I told mine, and I really can’t understand why you are against buffs, you was against buff for Miztero also but now you are proud owner of a litel bit better hero, why are you against people to be happy with their pools, I really can’t understand. Also SG have make a better version on him but you are still against buff of this hero.

It is actually the exact opposite. I want people to be happy with their pools and to be play with them without having to rely on a buff. Nobody would actually say no to a buff (although the example you cited for Myztero was a really stupid inconsequential buff) but there are so many heroes out there that can give great enjoyment to players if only they would open their horizons a little.

Believe it or not there are certain heroes that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, so I don’t have an unconditional love for every hero in the game - only those with great potential (and by potential I don’t mean potential If they get a buff, but potential without a buff). For example Reuben, Captain Nemo, Klaem… I would advocate those are borderline unplayable (barring a very shallow roster) without buffs.

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Sure I may use him if i did’t have much of a selection but a +40% def buff and hp boost at Slow speed isn’t worth it. Him being able to negate a chain attack isnt much to brag about. Hes virutally unusable for me and I would have absolutely no reason to raid with him … maybe if he had a 50% atk buff but hes slow.

His attack really needs to be re-worked.

  1. It is a + 64% defense buff
  2. The defense buff is uncleansable. Which gives you immunity from Morel, Frigg etc. And also allows you to replace the uncleansable defense downs with the defense up from White Rabibt, the W3K guy, etc.
  3. The ghost mechanic gives you a really good fighting chance at pulling off a win in a last man standing scenario

Those 3 facts plus the overheal are huge factors in him being a key part of keeping my team alive through attacks from Khufu and all the other hard hitters out there at the moment. I have a pretty deep roster especially with support heroes and he makes it onto my team almost every time. But if his style doesn’t work for you then that is your choice. We all play differently and prioritise hero abilities differently.

Everything this it’s really, the only problem it’s this that he it’s slow and his special it’s come when the match it’s finished.

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So basically you are anti-slow, not anti Luigi. Because if you say his special come when the match is finished… then no other slow would help you either, right?

In my playstyle his special almost always comes and often multiple times and is often a determining factor in the outcome. Slow heroes are valuable heroes, if you have a playstyle that synergises with them.

No, I use a lot of slow heros, heros like LotL, MoNo, Heimdall even the very slow Alfrike but all of them it’s really helpful. Do you have seen a bad word from me about Congalach? No, and he it’s slow. Why? Because even slow when he fire his special he it’s useful, so it’s not only the slow speed but also and what exactly this hero make. If she had 25% direct heal or some % of damage to all or something else he will be useful even with slow speed, but like now in my roster he it’s dust collector and nothing more.

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Wait, I don’t get it. These slow heroes are really helpful. So they must come before the match is finished?

Luigi’s special is not, because it comes when the match is finished. Are the other slow specials faster than Luigi’s special?

You can continue your spam against me instead of playing the game. That is your choice. Everybody needs a hobby I guess.

You have probably requoting that one post I made about Myztero before I Had him about 30 times. If I had the free time you had and the same vendetta you had against me I would probably trawl through and quote how many times you have quoted me saying that one thing - which is now over a year old I believe (you tell me, you are the great chronicler of things Homaclese says). At the time I couldn’t belive that people would think he wasn’t good because I saw such potential in him. And he is great against certain teams - vs Malin, Kullervo, Alfrike, many others. But against many teams he won’t add value because there are no ailments or the ailments aren’t debilitating enough.

Please stop quoting this. I am not trying to prove anyone wrong because I have learned that nobody changes their mind on this forum. Ever. What I show and speak about is to provide an alternative viewpoint based on how useful I have found certain heroes to be. You think I am trying to prove how good Luigi is to stroke my ego? That is truly ridiculous because I have used him in literally thousands of raids, as small fraction of which I record or talk about. That is because he has been really good - not for any other reason. And if someone walks away with that knowledge and then gets some use out of him then its a win. Sadly though if a slow hero is bad-mouthed by a few then most people will not even give him a second look, which is not fair to the hero and even more importantly to themselves.

Oh and feel free to quote and requote me time and time again about that one time that I said I was playing in the toilet because I didn’t know my wife was playing. I am now separated so I am sure that gives you even more ammunition!

Enjoy your crusade against me.

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My friend, you are not stupid and understand very well what exactly I have said, but also and your ego it’s too big too agree with somebody else, I really don’t want lose my time with you, so you can think whatever you want.

You crusade against buffs.
I can understand Frozen’s frustration very well!
I believe wholeheartedly that they get 1 shot from lughaidiwhatever and the match is over.
Not because:

But based on Heavy investment in multiple defensive entities designed to drag matches out.

Creating synergies, the same way we all do.
And all have done. And all have spent vast resources to do so. With no mats people aren’t just going to blaze endurance battles over night.
Many may not want too! I like winning a battle in the final seconds every now and then. But have absolutely no interest to intentionally do that regularly.

I told you long ago that crusading against buffs is trampling on other peoples disappointment.
Dropping a few "Learn2Play" lectures is great. But you go way beyond that, and engage the disappointed, vehemently! Relentlessly…

Crusade against nerfs, and feel the love!
Crusade against buffs…? What do you expect

Your not a victim… that ridiculous list of heroes that don’t need buffs is primed to tick-off half the population.
Sorry to hear about your separation. Maybe you can spare some time
And go work things out

Omg, the scuffle has now spread to this thread

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