Ludwig needs to be nerfed

Yeah, that’s often eaiser said than done. I’m sure we all try to do that as Plan A but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B… Just in case

And if those 9 tiles don’t come then what?? I’ve had a few battles today where the tiles I needed just didn’t appear

Same as above. If the tiles come you can take pretty much any colour you want to fight Ludwig or any hero and team. Problem with this game is the tiles being in your favour from the start is all too rare. Also “Just build 3 guardian Jackals.”… really? You think everyone has 3 guardian Jackals kicking dust about in their roster?? Most are lucky to have 1, let alone 3 :laughing:

Ludwig (and the rest of the team around him) is still pretty beatable, like every other hero in the game… as long as it’s not rush :laughing:

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:


Sounds like, the same thing that they talked about teluria. Not ONLY your post, but all post here

I do sympathise and I do have total empathy
But We seriously have too many nerf threads
It will only get worse. The last two hero families dropping into Beta were really strong. Along with the new hero costumes.
Power creep month on month is here to stay….
But strangely enough all this about Ludwig will soon be forgotten when we all face the Gargoyles

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You just said if rng kicks you in the butt, then what do
You do when rng kicks you in the butt.

You get your butt kicked by rng. But then you’re not competing with Ludwig, are you? You’re competing against bad tile rng.

Stop assigning bad board rng to Ludwig’s power.

If the enemy has:

Costume lepus
Sir roostley
C Finley

And sooo many others also crush you if you don’t get any tiles.

Saying, “what if you don’t get those tiles???” As if that adds any merit is a stretch my friend.


I just made a similar post elsewhere, but it has merit here as well.

Instead of calling for nerfs come up with creative hero designs of the 4* variety.

For example:

Yellow 4*

Very fast speed

Boosts all Allie’s health by 300

Steals 50% of all generated mana from target and and nearby enemy for 2/3 turns, and share the stolen mana equally amongst all alllies, would need testing.

Making a suggestion for something like above crates a hero who counters Ludwig, while being relatively available as a 4* and helps to deal with both sides of Ludwig’s kit.

Then we don’t need to nerf what players spent hundreds building.

No nerf needed here. Thank you.

Did anyone recognize that Ludwig looks very similar to Wolfgang?
Just put them together and you will see what i mean.

Maybe Ludwig is some kind of Darth Vader and Wolfgangs Father who became dark :smiley:

Nerf everyone but my crew and then unnerf any new crew I get. Thanks.


Ludwig is the epitome of the hero that you battle 2 or 3 times while screaming at your phone, “THIS IS B**$***T!!! HOW DID THEY RELEASE THIS???” And then you start looking through your lineup and you’re like, oh, wait, why didn’t I take him/her in there? They’re a perfect counter for this guy…

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Seems way too strong for a 4*. Consider just the overhealing for a minute.

When we have 5* looking at less than double that at slow speed (Heimdall, cLotL, etc), 300 HP at very fast is excessive on a 4*.

The most relavent comparison would be Garnet who at a similar speed, only provides 180 HP.

On top of that, you propose stealing 50% of the mana generated by all enemies for 2 or 3 turns. This is on par with Onatel’s mana stealing which is limited to 3 enemies at average speed. All enemies at very fast is much stronger.

So what you are proposing is a 4* that is stronger than Onatel and Garnet combined.

This would also be hugely unbalanced in 4* tournaments where it would absolutely cripple all enemies as a tank. The only way to make that not gamebreaking there would be to make the hero very frail (i.e. Guardian Jackal frail). This would therefore make it pretty much useless at the 5* level as a Ludwig counter as it would then die to most hits.

What would probably be more likely due to balance would be a hero that could bypass taunt and dispel (most likely a 5* though) or even a hero that dispels twice (this I could see being a 4* since in most cases, it would be little different than a single dispel).

My example was a thrown together idea that took 8 seconds to
Think of lol. My point remains, it’s super simple to build a 4* hero that Ould consistently counter them.

2 dispellers will do the trick most times if you dont have the best counters.

Most times is as reliable as you get in this game

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Only if Ludwig is the only Wolf.
If the family bonus is activated your dispellers dispell nothing.

This is actually the part that should be nerfed if they need anything. Just Randomly throwing in a 50% chance that one of the strongest buffs in the game suddenly becomes undispellable is crap. That’s basically just handing the other team the match out of no skill of theirs or fault of your own.

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talking about skill, i could probably teach a monkey to play this dumb game :grin:
It’s 50% luck, 2% skill and 48% wishful thinking.

So says someone who is either very bad at the game or someone who biys their way to victory. Skill and knowledge are still the biggest factors in this game, as long as you have competitive heroes

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There is skill involved… Setting off a hero before you send the ailments back using lady Loki… Little things like that… Understanding what are kill shots or not. This isn’t simply bejeweled.

Sure, because everyone has Loki.
He is the Bane of Season 3, you get more than you need :confused:

I think I’ve now lost raids to teams with Ludwig about 99 times out of 100. Is what it is.

What is the set up you’re taking against teams fielding Ludwig and what is your roster like?