Ludwig needs to be nerfed

I like powerful slow heroes
I bring loki
I win most of the time
Ludwig alone isnt op
He would be op only with a good synergy team to keep him alive and carry him to fire his special

the mana boost is ridiculously strong

but he is released now and i am against post release nerfs of all kinds

with time we’ll have more and more counters anyway

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As someone who has felt the sting of spending money only to have what you spent it on chasing ripped away from you, stahhhhhppp. Lol.

Let people enjoy their
Time on top, more powerful heroes seem to be coming around the corner every month.


Enough with the calls for nerfs. At this point it feels more like SG posting these so that they can claim justification to nerf these crew.


Gargoyles aren’t that far off!

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I really want the mind fiend… Guy.

Some are already here. But I concur. 2 months from now you’ll hear: “Ludwig? Oh yeah, I remember him. He’s (insert new OP heroes name) little brother. I hear he’s dating Guinevere. And seeing telly on the down low…”


Obviously, but dont say that, last time we said it and finally c Krampus nerfed this time probably they nerf Reuben. He will be nerfed but when he made the max money and many more overpowered hero show up otherwise no matter what players say. They know better than us which one is overpowered and which one broken and they want it in this way.

Don’t be mad no matter what players say they don’t care.

I’m a Luwig owner and i can assure you that the results when i put him in tank are really bad. Not OP in defense.


Mine does pretty well in defense, but as many have said, a dispeller solves the problem when facing him. (Or mostly – because of the taunt, you still have two flanks gaining mana quickly…)

Definitely this guy need some attention… even though we dispell his buff his secondry buff still active of mana regeneration upto 100% is just hard to deal …
Its like no tile but 100% mana generation is absolutely bonker !!!


The thing i dislike most about ludwig is idont have him. Have no 5* wolfs. Do have 2 ravens though.

Honestly what is great today, is tomorrows chip shop wrapping paper.
Every time we have heroes in beta to test, they are better / stronger. That is how the game is going.
So wait until the Gargoyles appear and that new Styx family (I think it was called).
Then players will be shouting for a different nerf


We need to seriously stop calling for nerfs. Just stop. People spend money to acquire these heroes, because they’re strong!

If you’re free to play or even cheap to play I hate to be “that guy” but guess what…the only reason you get to play this game is because players spend thousands to acquire the heroes you want to nerf. Knock it off.

If you feel like you can’t play without them nerfing heroes then quit the game yourself.

nerfing heroes makes whales quit, whales quitting causes the game to get shut down.

Pick your poison, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

To every person who wants to make a nerf so and so post, instead, make a increase summon odds post. That way you yourself will have more access to better heroes and whales will continue to play and spending money, finding the game. Thank you.


I don’t get this argument tbh.

We all know the power creep was never this strong, that there are heros ridiculously strong out there - together, they can tear you apart after just couple of moves. Most of us wish the progress to “that place” should have been slower.

Yet, when anyone actually says - hey, tone down things a bit, this is crazy… Players react like it’s that person’s fault things are the way they are.

Like it’s ok to be this way, because it’s this way.

You took it to another level: like it’s ok to be this way because people payed it to be this way. :grimacing:

Argh. I really wish I saw more empathy and solidarity here, reading comments on this thread was mostly a disgusting experience.


Empathy and solidarity could be options if we were talking about 1 hero, but we’re not. There are 10+ here’s now who are Ludwig level.

There is a new tier of heroes, SGG has pushed into a new generation of empires and puzzles. But if we were going to cry for nerfs it would have had to happen in the very beginning, which would have been when around when cobalt and onyx first released.

It’s too late, we are in a new era of E+P

Alternatively you can advocate for
Other heroes to get buffs! That’s totally fine too! But nerfing heroes leads to
Players quitting, revenue dropping, and an overall negative outcome.


When they hav made enough money off him he will most likely get a nerf so they can cash in on others so don’t worry.

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Actually, players are quiting when there’s no joy left. And the best recipe to suck the joy out of it is to release a tone of overpowered heros available to selected few, while others “should not be a bunch of lazy people, but instead should find the solution for whatever SG throw at them”. Whoever doesn’t have a ready to go solution should buy it.

P. S. To all of the people who said it’s easy to deal with Ludwig if you bring 2 dispellers, I hope those buffs will always be undispellable. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


Just get those Chinese heroes. Even getting 4* xiahou dun can just ruin him, XHD is foolproof and counters everything Ludwig does with little effort. While Diao Chan just laughs at him