🏰 Ludwig – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

wow at the def & life. erm could u share the emblem path w pic? thanks

Seems vulnerable to a dispel to me. One Melendor or similar charged and held waiting…

Will be fun on offence.

I tested mine with Brinhild, and the mana generation stacked. And the protection Brynhild provides against dispelling and the +24% mana generation was really nice.


Very strong, possibly the strongest hero in the game, quite possibly OP.

But… I would love to see him as tank. C Sabina, Chakky, Mist can all prevent buffs completely negating him. Without other knight heroes then a traditional dispel will work just fine. With other knight heroes and the chance of the buff becoming undispellable the danger level goes up drastically. Mana controllers are the other option. In most circumstances I would go 3-4 different colors to maximise my chances of negating the special.

In flank in most circumstances you can prevent the buff from happening or else mana control hm. So not too scary there.

It would be super hard to win if he casts and is undispellable, buit otherwise I’d say quite manageable. I certainly wouldn’t go heavy stacking on him as that is too risky. He wouldn’t be a kill first hero but rather “contain first and keep contained”.


Let’s just say he’s offensively really really good.


Oh…I’ve got him.
Oh…they call him Lord Loki too.
Oh…he’s faster.
Oh…I’m happy.


Hah! There is that too! :smiley:

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Him between Alf and Xnol vs Ludwig…yuk yuk!:yum:

Nah, prone to color stack

Just when I was ready to write the summons off!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

From the first pull.


I believe that Alfrike should be getting a steady supply of mana in this scenario, correct? With a 50% chance that the mana buff won’t be dispelled? (Got two Ludwigs and a Quenell in about 40 pulls and will never again be this lucky.)


Duplicate of the same hero does not count.

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Ah, thanks! So just a 35% chance.

He reminds me of the mountain / hound from game of thrones


I think c Sabina is a better counter if she can get off before him. That way taunt doesn’t go up and people don’t get mana buff. But dispell Ludwig takes away taunt but not allies mana buff unless another dispell is ready. If there a hero like Francine who cleanses over time but dispellar over time? That would be awesome. Maybe there is and I just don’t know about it hahaha

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I was thinking of that too. Would u put bryn on defense?

Good point about the two buffs needing to be dispelled. I don’t think there is a dispel over time hero, one for the future surely!

Sabina is so vulnerable that it often dies early in battle.
When the purple Omega Quest arrives, I will first break the limits of Sabina.


Pulled him and will place him between Xnolphod and Alfrike on offense. Not sure yet if I will use him on defense. :sunglasses::muscle:t2::+1:t2:


@Fookit kind sir did u get my message? Waiting yr reply

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