🏰 Ludwig – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

Or even Mother North

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Can we now officially start calling these times “Dark Ages” era just like “GTV” era?
Long may you Dark Lords reign!


You cannot appreciate Ludwig’s power until you see him flanked by two Alfrikes …….



well this game is won even without ludwig with just 2 alfrikes, issue here is that defence needs 20% defence buf asap back…its just too easy to raid. He should give moderate/big amount of mana each turn not in percentage

That should be fun in rush

I tried him ca 30 times on Raid, mono team. Roughly 60% win. I didn’t manage to fire him so often
It is 4.80 but no emblems yet.

I have only one mana troop at level 23. Should I put my only mana troop on Ludwig or Xnolphod?

What emblem path do you recommend? Why?
Different path for offense or defense?

Thanks and happy gaming

Xnolphod, then Ludwig will charge from 9 tiles.


Shield > HP > Attack for Ludwig. He is OP support hero and his ability to survive will determine the outcome.

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Charging Xnolphod more or less also means charging Ludwig. You don’t even need to match purple tiles afterwards. It speeds the game up, though…

EDIT: I think, he will be nerfed, but there are not too many people out there with all 3 heroes in their roster. Also this means money for SG on 3 different portals, S3, S4 and this one, so it might take some time…

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Saw the video….I mean who the fck needs tiles right?
You just need to stay alive until it fires and it’s over…dang

Which three Xno, Ludwig, and who?

20 characters

When is the last time you have seen event heroes to be nerfed? It’s never!


On the other hand, now we’ve seen everything, they may even get buffed!


Lepiota and Malosi are laughing at him!


For me Xnolphod is first priority for L23 = clear 9 tiles & once he has charged, there is heal & extra mana given to all. Slow / V-Slow heroes charge almost immediately…
I would also keep Xnolphod next to LudwiG… for the mana cycle to keep going…

Tabs recently given to X, so LudwiG has a little wait @ 3/70 …


Too late, now, but Xnolph works pretty well at 3.70, at least on offense. I completely agree on the mana troop, charging Xnolph also means charging Ludwig/Alfrike etc.


If had LudwiG earlier, still tabs would have gone to X bcoz, BK & Krampus do their job…
Survival / charging of X is important for LudwiG or anyone else in team…

If not earlier, Tabs in 4-5 weeks should get LudwiG up there, though will try him out earlier with a 2 healer team in raids / war…

12 tabards and Chakkoszrot at 2^52…if I was going to pull, Ludwig is who I wanted

Bought a few offers for some coin pulls and one 10 pull. Ludwig was the 1st draw of the 10 pull


i got wolfgang with 20 pulls & mad levelled him in 2 days. i tried my luck for other 5 star & i got him again with 20 pulls. duno to laugh or cry. another 20 pulls i got ludwig… :rofl:

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