🏰 Ludwig – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

Plus both would go nicely together! :joy: tempted to try this now, and with fenris and graymane the ‘wolf’ team would be nearly complete!

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My Malosi and Lepiota are ready to screw him up.


Congrats guys for getting him! Looks amazing!
Now the important question… how can we beat him?

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Boss Wolf is busy crying a river of tears into his beer, wondering why he never got a chance to be a devastating dark hero


I think Mist would be the best counter for this guy.

If special is cast already, then Mist will overwrite defense against specials, not sure about the mana buff. This is not a dispell so it should work similar to when Brynhild special is overwritten.

If special is not cast, then Mist charges first and she will prevent all buffs. Malossi should be good as well in this situation. Both are yellow and FAST and VERY FAST.

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Try using Mist or Malosi or go mono yellow.

It should take 4-6 tiles to kill him if mono yellow is used depending on the heroes.

Obviously he will be annoying but not so scary when things are normal.

When it comes to VERY FAST TOURNAMENT OR WAR is totally different story, we will be wishing for Alfrike on defense instead of this guy. And worst of all sometimes we will get both at the same time on defense so even if you do not hit her Alfrike will charge and fire few times.


For me it seems that this guy transform the fights he’s in in a sort of super fast battles, just that unlike rush wars, you have some more time in the beginning, but afterwards…

So basically the required strategies to deal with him are similar to rush wars (which I know is stressful and annoying): mana control…

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As a joke, what does it say about SG that most of the strongest, overpowered heroes in the game who became impossible tanks have been Dark heroes :laughing:? Do they feel that the element represents them :crazy_face:?

Hel, Kunchen, Ursena, Alfrike, Bera, Freya and now Ludwig… And I think none of them has been nerfed in the past, unlike the poor Nature and Forest Godess Telluria :smiley:


I’d bet money he gets a nerf hammer after about 3 months, gotta rake in the cash while they can. Time has shown it doesn’t matter how much complaining happens, they won’t budge unless the whales complain, and the whales are going to be the ones who’ll have him for the next 6 or so months. As soon as more opportunities come by to pull him, whales will see more of him and complain to mommy about the other kid’s toys ruining their playtime.

  1. Hes probably the reason why Elradir, Devana & co were nerfed. Because Hotm can’t do even 1% what paywall heroes does.

  2. Obviously overpowered but won’t waste my energy in this. Next event probably will have someone with fast mana that will fill all allies mana in 2 turns.

  3. Before Zynga defenders come at me, it’s not only me so get your Zynga shield and eat it alone.

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Or on a VERY FAST NO YELLOW tournament. What about this guy and Alfrike next to each other.

The only counter will be dispellers but he will charge and fire again. That is why I am leveling my Chucky (Charcozz something) the lizard guy. He may be able to prevent the buffs from ever happening and he is dark so he should be allowed in “no yellow” tournament.


He is just amazing ……. I have him flanked by Milena and Cristobal …. Just BIG trouble!

One question - does his mana boost stack with toxicandra?


I remember that in the beginning when top players started dropping out of the game, the reason (excuse) was that after so much spent money they did not get what they wanted: “Automatic wins 80% or more in battles and always be at top”.

With these new heroes that only paying players can score this is guaranteed. Even if you have a decent team nothing short of pure cascade level 20 luck can save you.

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But then again Lord Loki value just went up. And he is Average.


Yes, tried it today.

While, I m irritated with the number of turns of Ludwig’s taunt & undispellable chance, I was able to easily kill him+20 & team = shows, there are teams & key pal RnG that will maintain the balance.

No take over of meta by anyone. These draconian scenarios as cooked up daily with some name or some special or some issue or combo of all of it

Waste of time…. Play & have FuN !

There are many other areas in life that will line up more troubles, what is the use of imagining & forcefully creating troubles in a game, where each one of us come to get away from many other troubles ! :smile:


I had LoLo & Hatter (both average) charged & ready, but to my disappointment, the tiles cascade killed Ludwig+20.

Next time, excited to deal with him…

About pain & disappointment, well Krampus, BK & many heroes create it when there r no tiles…

What’s the point on manufacturing issues & imaginary advantages … which RNG & game will negate!

Same for me @Patrick09 my very first taunt hero and I just got him!!! We run purple tanks. I think I’ll flank Lizzie and sif w him and maybe have a sneaky alfrike on the wing idk hahah

Actually I’ll flank Left Cristobal and right flank lizzie. if my green zorro can somehow pull a double charge. It’ll kill most and have lizzie for mop up duty.


Boss Wolf was just too slow. Very slow.

I mentioned using him on offense, above. Tried it with Xnolphod and Alfrike next to him. Once Xnolph (average speed) went off, Ludwig was charged as well. They charged each other afterwards and both charged Alfrike. I was able to fire her almost every second turn…


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