🏰 Ludwig – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

I’m fortunate to have Ludwig and it is odd to say about a hero I’ve got, but I think he needs a nerf. Heroes like him and squiddy (purple mana giver, forget the name) unbalance the game by making heroes like Alfrike even more OP.

Mine is 3/70, but already in map boards he is ridiculous. I flank him with Toxicandra and Alfrike and with Malicna too Alfrike is constantly firing.

They need to slow way down on mana and defense down to all heroes

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I used my 3/70 Ludwig with Gullin & Alfrike flanks to simply Steam- Roll through Ninja Tower’s - impossible levels 1 to 14 with just 2 curses… I was short of time… which means the next tower event, I will go all the way…with this team.

Ludwig just kept ensuring that both flanks kept firing & opposite waves & bosses had no chance to do anything. Bosses clash attacks were managed as whole team was at 200% health…

I hadn’t used any 5* heroes till then… I was :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well - here is the thing: If you don‘t have all those crazy partners for Ludwig, he seems less op to me. So please keep him as he is. It is hard enough for me to get him working.


You don’t need them. Flank him with a normal Vivica and Azlar or any other season 1 slow hero and he is still OP

I see your point - but where to start? If you nerf him, you have to nerf a lot of the other new superstars too and for sure, you have to completely delete Ruby. So if I‘m one of the super, super lucky players who get one of these, I‘m glad they stay like they were released. :wink:

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you can nerf then odin, firgg, ruby and all other crazy heroes, including new gargoyles…
He is decent. He dies QUICK AND fast and he is SLOW in current meta thats bad.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to use him on defense, but am not very successful.

First: I don’t have the HA so I can only use the standard V formation. Second, I am in diamond, averaging around 2600 cups.

I have him limit broken and fully emblemed but if I use him as tank I lose almost every fight. He is too slow, I think.

I’ve moved him to flank with e.g. Emilio or Wolfgang tanking, and it seems to do a bit better. For those of you who also have him and use him on D:

  1. What formation?
  2. What position?
  3. What is the rest of the team?
  4. How successful is your D?

I use him in a standard formation as a tank. I stay around 2600-2700 with him most days, but sometimes I get revenged a lot and than I drop to 2500.

I run him with this team:


Pretty happy with him so far!

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