🏰 Ludwig – 5* Dark / Purple from Clash of Knights

Luck xx

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Finally got him to 4th tier and started trying him out on attack. Flanking him with CB Alby and C Yunan with Onyx and Bera to fill out the 3-2. The mana synergy between Alby, Yunan, and Ludwig is crazy and having resurrection with Alby is nice when Ludwig gets hit with specials. Really liking this hero but don’t see him breaking into my defense team.

From facing him, he is a bit too squishy for a center tank role especially in wars IMO. Better on offense. Otherwise he may need some help with his mana

Basically this team is attack heaven …

The staggered charging of Ninjas means you can get various combos of attacks … sometimes mana 1 > mana 2 > mana 2 … sometimes mana 2 > mana 3 … and anything in between… add Toxicandra and Xnolphod, you can get even better like mana 2 > mana 2 > mana 3 or better !


One problem with Zircon and Ludwig. Ludwig does not get the full effect of the heal Zircon gives. Might be a bug, but as of now. My Ludwig gets minimal heal from Zircon, while the remaining hero’s get large health boosts


Could this be the problem, that you played them in season 4 with the biome effect?

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wow u got 2 ruby & fully emblem… i only got ludwig. & you’ve an old octopus.
wow how many pulls did u do to get 2 ruby… full of envy

I’m fortunate to have Ludwig and it is odd to say about a hero I’ve got, but I think he needs a nerf. Heroes like him and squiddy (purple mana giver, forget the name) unbalance the game by making heroes like Alfrike even more OP.

Mine is 3/70, but already in map boards he is ridiculous. I flank him with Toxicandra and Alfrike and with Malicna too Alfrike is constantly firing.

They need to slow way down on mana and defense down to all heroes

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I used my 3/70 Ludwig with Gullin & Alfrike flanks to simply Steam- Roll through Ninja Tower’s - impossible levels 1 to 14 with just 2 curses… I was short of time… which means the next tower event, I will go all the way…with this team.

Ludwig just kept ensuring that both flanks kept firing & opposite waves & bosses had no chance to do anything. Bosses clash attacks were managed as whole team was at 200% health…

I hadn’t used any 5* heroes till then… I was :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well - here is the thing: If you don‘t have all those crazy partners for Ludwig, he seems less op to me. So please keep him as he is. It is hard enough for me to get him working.


You don’t need them. Flank him with a normal Vivica and Azlar or any other season 1 slow hero and he is still OP

I see your point - but where to start? If you nerf him, you have to nerf a lot of the other new superstars too and for sure, you have to completely delete Ruby. So if I‘m one of the super, super lucky players who get one of these, I‘m glad they stay like they were released. :wink:


you can nerf then odin, firgg, ruby and all other crazy heroes, including new gargoyles…
He is decent. He dies QUICK AND fast and he is SLOW in current meta thats bad.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to use him on defense, but am not very successful.

First: I don’t have the HA so I can only use the standard V formation. Second, I am in diamond, averaging around 2600 cups.

I have him limit broken and fully emblemed but if I use him as tank I lose almost every fight. He is too slow, I think.

I’ve moved him to flank with e.g. Emilio or Wolfgang tanking, and it seems to do a bit better. For those of you who also have him and use him on D:

  1. What formation?
  2. What position?
  3. What is the rest of the team?
  4. How successful is your D?

I use him in a standard formation as a tank. I stay around 2600-2700 with him most days, but sometimes I get revenged a lot and than I drop to 2500.

I run him with this team:


Pretty happy with him so far!

In your opinion what is the best raid formation and position to fully maximize Ludwig?

I’ve been seeing several folks use reverse with Ludwig as the center, but I also notice other players placing him at the left flank. Tucking him behind a double formation might be counterproductive since he is a slow hero?

I used him on defense as flank with CB.Alby as the center and it did not go well. I like using him on offense though because you can control when he fires to maximize mana gain. I faced him a handful of times on defense and was less than impressed.

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@sylvelliorFD - I placed him tank in standard formation, two days ago, he’s only at +17 yet, see the results, well part of them….too many attacks on my defense, went over 2700 cups yesterday from people crashlanding; mind you I can line up much tougher heroes, just testing things out :slight_smile:


No formation has him safe from Lord Loki, who is going to be the ticket to 95% losses. At least in my experience on the opposite side. Against teams with no Ludwig and no Lord Loki he may do pretty well.

I have my defense team, double formation with Ludwig and Krampus in front.
The result is up and down but I have been more or less around 2600 trophies every morning what ever defense team I use. Then I play and go up to usually 2800 to be back at around 2600 the day after.

Happy gaming

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